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Healthcare provisions

Medical emergency phone numbers

976 991 199 for private policies and 900 300 799 Muface policies

Can I go to the doctor the day after I take out the policy?

You can use your insurance and go to the doctor the day after you take out the policy, that is, from the first day it becomes effective. Except for some services that have a qualifying period, like surgery, hospitalisation, childbirth or transplants.

Home visit

Whenever, due to the sick person’s condition, travel to a clinic or hospital is impossible. You can also receive home visits by registered nurses or healthcare technicians (practising) when prescribed by a doctor from the DKV Network of Healthcare Services, depending on the type of insurance policy taken out.


Extractions, treatments and teeth cleaning. What’s more, DKV offers you a guide to dental services at very competitive prices.

Certificate for travel assistance abroad

If you are planning to travel abroad and you have a private policy, you can request a travel assistance certificate through your Customer Area, by phone or at your nearest DKV branch.

If you are a mutual society member, medical assistance on temporary trips abroad is carried out through Muface.

How to consult the medical directory

DKV Seguros has a wide Network of Healthcare Services throughout Spain. To view your policy's medical directory, you have different means at your disposal:

Telephone Number 976 506 000 (if you are a private customer) 976 768 999 (if you are a mutual society member) Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.

How to view the medical visits

If you want to view your medical visits with a professional from the DKV Network, you can do so in several ways: customer area, telephone and at our branches.

Telephone medical assistance and virtual consultation

Through the Quiero cuidarme Más app you can check your symptoms; schedule a virtual consultation with specialist via chat, call or video call; monitor your habits with a health coach, digital midwife or psychologist. You can also resolve your health questions over the phone by using the medical helplines.


Assistance in a centre not in the MUFACE network

When using resources that are not part of the DKV Seguros network, you must pay, without the right to a refund, all expenses that may arise, except in cases of unjustified denial of assistance and in those of emergency life-saving assistance, in accordance with the terms of the Health Care Assistance Agreement in effect.

Worldwide travel assistance

Provision of healthcare during the temporary trips abroad is done through Muface

MEDICARD® health insurance card

The MEDICARD® health insurance card identifies you as a DKV Seguros member to the health professionals you can visit under your insurance contract. It is for personal use and is non-transferable.

On the back, you'll find various telephone numbers: customer service, assistance abroad or 24-hour emergency service. Don't forget to sign it! It has no expiry date, so you'll need a new one only in the case of damage or loss.

What do I have to do to request a duplicate card?

You can request a duplicate of a damaged or lost card through any of the following channels, even if you need it urgently:

How to request authorisation

Telephone: 976 506 000

Tests that require authorisation

Complex diagnostic tests and treatments, transfers via ambulance, prostheses and implants, psychotherapy sessions, preventive programmes or checkups and hospital admissions require authorisation.

Some specific authorisations must be requested in writing for assessment by our medical team.

When requesting authorisation for hospitalisation or surgery, information on the doctor, clinic or hospital, admission date and prescription must be supplied. You must keep the authorisation number in order to carry out the test or procedure requested.

Specialist consultations do not require authorisation; your MEDICARD® health insurance card is sufficient.

Reimbursement of medical expenses

If you have a reimbursement policy, you can freely choose your physicians and medical centres, even when they are not included in the DKV healthcare network of service providers.

You pay the bill to the healthcare professional or centre, and DKV will reimburse the cost in accordance with the percentages and limits established in the particular terms and conditions of your policy. The policyholder can also reverse charge the bills of the rest of insured persons that are in their reimbursement policy.

Customer service phone number for reimbursement policies 976 814 983 - 900 814 390

How to request a reimbursement

  • Through the Customer area, sending us the bill and filling out a form.

  • Via the DKV Reembolso app

  • At your nearest branch

  • By post: DKV Seguros Unidad de Reembolso Nacional. Apartado 20 08960 Sant Just Desvern Barcelona

How to view the status of your reimbursement
  • If you have requested the reimbursement via the Customer area, you can view it in the same place.

  • If the request has been made by mail or at a branch, you can call 976 814 983 - 900 814 390 or at nearest branch.

  • If you have requested a reimbursement through the DKV Reembolso app, you can check the status on this app.


How I can modify data in my policy?
  • In 976 506 000 - 900 810 072 include a phone number, change an address, fax, email or make minor changes (no more than one letter) in first or last names.

  • Through the Customer area You can change the phone, email, postal address, password, correspondence type, payment period of bills and bank account.

  • If they are major changes, like a date of birth, passport number, full name, etc., you will need to request it in writing by fax: 902 499 000, by email or going to the nearest branch.

How to request a duplicate copy of your policy

The Particular Terms and Conditions contains clauses adapted to your particular situation, such as the name and surnames of the insured persons, date of effect of the policy, etc., and they will be provided to you when taking out the policy. 

To request a duplicate copy of your policy, you can do it through these channels:

Documents that are provided with the contract
  • Medical directory book: information on the DKV Healthcare Services Network and how to access it.

  • General Conditions: a book containing all the clauses (rights, obligations, coverage, etc.) that apply to your contract and which are common to all customers.

  • Particular Terms and Conditions: documentation with contract terms tailored to your particular situation, such as name of the insured party, address, date of effect of the policy, premium, etc.

  • MEDICARD® health card: that identifies you as a DKV Seguros customer gives you access to the contracted services.

What are Terms and Conditions?

It is a contract that includes the rights and obligations of DKV and the insured person or policyholder. It is also called “General Terms and Conditions” and “Specific Terms and Conditions”.

Waiting periods and pre-existing conditions

A waiting period is the period of time from the date the policy enters into force during which some cover does not take effect. You will find the waiting period in the general and particular terms and conditions of your policy or you can call your DKV office.

A pre-existing condition is a health condition (e.g. pregnancy), alteration or organic disorder that existed before the time of the insurance was contracted, regardless of whether there is a medical diagnosis. Unless otherwise detailed in the policy, pre-existing conditions are excluded from insurance coverage.

When you take out your insurance contract, you must declare any injury, congenital pathology, diseases, diagnostic tests, treatments and even any symptoms that could be considered as the beginning of a pathology.


Processing of personal data

DKV Seguros is specifically authorised to apply, process and give to entities of the insurance group the policy holder's and/or insured person's personal data. As regards the health data of the insured party, this information may be transferred to a third party when necessary for the sole purpose of managing health care benefits, health prevention and promotion plans and additional services covered by the insurance.

DKV Seguros is also authorised to send the policyholder and/or insured person information about health care benefits, health prevention and promotion plans and goods or services which may be of interest to them.

The policyholder and/or insured person may contact DKV Seguros to consult this data and update, correct or cancel it in accordance with Organic Law 15/99 on the protection of personal data. You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of this data in these ways:

How to unsubscribe

Any policyholder who wishes to request the cancellation of the policy must do so in writing at least one month before the policy's maturity. Health insurance policies expire at the end of the calendar year, i.e. 31 December; other policies expire one year from the date the contract becomes effective.

To cancel the policy in writing, you must include the policyholder's National ID or Tax ID, the policy number and the policyholder's signature in a request sent to the branches by post or at the email You can also do so by visiting your nearest branch or calling our customer service line 976 506 000 - 900 810 072 during opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.

More information about the process of cancelling an insurance policy

Claims and complaints management

Each complaint is an opportunity to improve the quality of service offered to the customer, which is a priority for us. Therefore, with an aim to protect and ensure our customers' rights, we endeavour to respond in the most efficient and timely way possibly, aiming to ensure that the process does not take any longer than what is strictly necessary. Therefore, we commit to responding within a maximum of two months from its initial presentation.

To file a claim, you can use any of these channels:


More information about the processing of claims and complaints here

Payment of the insurance

Why isn't the cost the same every month?

The cost isn't the same every month. If your policy has copayments, some months you will also be charged for the medical procedures that were carried out.

You can check all policy receipts in the Customer area.

What do you mean by a yearly contract, if I pay monthly?

The duration of the contract is annual and can be extended, but the payments may be made monthly, quarterly or every six months. A small surcharge will be added in this case.

How I can pay a late or pending bill?

In these cases, at your nearest branch they can tell you the best way to pay your bill.

Why does my insurance premium increase every year?

The increase in your policy premiums is due to increased medical costs, the cost of new diagnostics and the new developments that DKV adds to its range of services every year. See video


Co-payment is the amount you must pay for each medical procedure performed, based on the type of insurance you have contracted. You can see the amount of these copayments in the "Medical Procedure Groups and Copay Table" in the Specific and/or Special terms and conditions of your policy.

Where I can see details of my policy copay?
  • If you are the policyholder, you can look at the copays in the Customer area.

  • If you prefer, you can also request that we periodically send you the list of copayments to your e-mail; to request this, call 976 506 000 or go to your nearer branch.

  • You can also request this information through our channel WhatsApp.

How do I file a claim for sick leave?

To receive the daily allowance, you must provide:

  • The documentation proving your incapacity for work, i.e., the Social Security sick leave certificate.

  • The medical information needed to assess your case.

  • The claim form, which you will find in the documentation that was given to you when you signed the policy, duly filled out. If you lack these, you can provide a letter written by your doctor that includes the identification of the doctor him- or herself, the identity, age, profession or activity of the insured person, the illness causing the temporary disability and its causes and background, the likely start date of the process, the date from which the insured party is unable to develop his or her professional activity and the prognosis of the duration of the ailment.

During the processing of the case, it's possible that we may need more information, both medical and administrative.

You can send us this documentation through your nearest branch.

Why does DKV finalise my leave and Social Security does not?

The period in which one is entitled to the payment of this benefit is different to Social Security's leave-of-absence period, as DKV covers only total disability for the profession that has been declared in the policy.

Compensation ends when you can return to your professional activity, even partially, regardless of whether you remain on leave for Social Security, or may not have been fully cured.

Funeral insurance

Am I insured for life?

All of our burial insurance policies are life-long. This means that once a burial insurance policy is taken out, it is valid for the insured person's whole life unless the policyholder cancels the insurance.

Should I include myself in the insurance policy?

It is advisable, however, the insurance can be taken out as the policyholder without being the insured person. This enables you to take out burial insurance for your family without needing to be included in the policy.

How much will my insured capital be?

The capital allocated for covering the funeral service is established based on the cost of the funeral in the town of residence. You can consult your capital in the specific terms and conditions of your policy. For the service guarantee to stay constantly up to date, the insured capital will be automatically reassessed every year in accordance with the specific terms and conditions of your policy.

Which funeral home will provide the contracted service?

Based on the place of death, the chosen funeral home, or the place of burial, we will activate the funeral service that best suits the needs and wishes of the insured family. We have a national network of authorised funeral service providers so that you don't have to worry about management or provision of the service.

Home insurance

What should I do in the event of an incident?

If you have had an accident or require the services of a specialist, such as a plumber for a water leakage, a glazier for a broken window, or a locksmith because you have locked yourself out of the house, you can use DKV's 24-hour home assistance services (depending on whether you have insured the building and/or contents, and which coverage you have purchased). 

976 991 198 / 900 810 076

What is meant by "buildings" and "contents"? 

The terms "buildings" refers to the value of the property, i.e. the physical structure: foundations, wall, doors, windows, and ceilings, including adjacent structures, including patios, garages, terraces, swimming pools, sports facilities, and other fixed installations (heating, water, light, and gas supplies, solar panels, etc.).

The term “contents” refers to items of personal property, such as furniture (including fixed kitchen and bathroom furniture), clothes, books, music, decorative objects, household items, electrical appliances, computers and technology, jewellery, etc. that are found inside the insured property and are owned by the policyholder, family members, or people who live in the home.

How do you calculate the value of the building and contents?

To calculate the value of the building and the cost of insurance, we need to know: Type of property, constructed area, quality of the property, and the province where it is located.

The capital is subscribed for the entire property (including the quota share of the co-ownership if the property belongs to a community governed by horizontal property regulations).

Regarding the value of contents, DKV EcoHogar covers replacement costs in accordance with the general terms and conditions. However, to do this, policyholders (as it is their own subjective evaluation), with the help of a broker or at their nearest insurance branch, must establish sufficient funds to replace all the contents of their home in the event of a claim, including fixed kitchen and bathroom furniture.

Since fixed kitchen and/or bathroom furniture forms part of the contents, for an average flat which is the policyholder's main residence and is inhabited by three or four people, we suggest that you insure the contents for at least 25,000 to 30,000 euros.

How do I insure jewellery and objects of special value?
  • Jewellery (jewels, precious stones, watches, gold coins, etc.):  With DKV, you have the advantage that when you insure your home contents, 10% of this capital is included for normal or usual jewellery in an average home. When the total value of the jewellery exceeds 10% of the total contents of your home, with an upper limit of 6,000 euros, this excess may be covered if the policyholder expressly requests it and pays the corresponding premium. In addition, you must take inventory of any pieces of jewellery with an individual value of over 2,000 euros.

  • Objects of special value: Paintings, silver cutlery, sculptures, coin and stamp collections, furs, etc. Objects of special value must be included in the inventory if their individual or total value exceeds 3,000 euros.

What does my insurance policy cover?

It is important that you obtain information from your broker or at your nearest insurance branch about the different types of insurance that we offer adapted to your needs. In Home Insurance  you can choose the policy that best suits your needs. Our insurance product range includes Plus (the most advanced policy), Complet (offering extensive coverage), and Basic (basic coverage at an affordable price). Lastly, we also offer a fire insurance plan aimed at meeting the mortgage requirements of banking institutions.

What services are included in my policy?
  • 24-hour DKV Home Assistance: we are at your disposal to help with any home emergency.

  • Handyman Service: we offer professional help for a wide range of household jobs.

  • Household appliance repair service: we have increased the workmanship warranty to 7 years.

  • Ecological services: providing a healthy environment and good sustainability practices in the home.

  • Access to the DKV Health and Wellbeing Club: medical and well-being services at special prices for subscribers.

  • Computer and Technology Assistance Service: Do you need help with the technological advances? An expert will advise you.

  • 24-hour psychological telephone assistance.

I am a tenant. Do I need to take out insurance?

If you are a tenant, it is also essential to have liability insurance to protect yourself against damages that you may cause to the property of the owner or third parties (neighbours, etc.). By insuring the contents or furniture of the home, you also protect yourself from the risks of liabilities. However, you must bear in mind that if, for example, there is a fire in the kitchen, in addition to the damages caused to the property, there may also be damage (e.g. smoke) to the inner courtyard of the building or other homes. The injured third parties or their insurance companies will hold you responsible for the damages caused. Therefore, the most important form of coverage to have is liability insurance, which is included when you insure the contents of your home. When you insure the contents, you must value your personal belongings as well as the items under your responsibility in the home. In other words, you must include all the contents of the home including fixed kitchen furniture.

I have taken out a homeowners association insurance policy. Do I need to take out home insurance?

Of course, you can insure your home if you wish. Generally speaking, homeowners association insurance policies cover the communal areas of a building. However, areas that are the exclusive property of the policyholder are not covered. Therefore, contrary to what you might think, although homeowners association insurance covers the building, this does not mean that all parts of the building are automatically insured. Therefore, it is necessary to insure the property as it is not covered by the homeowners association insurance. Likewise, damage to the home is not covered by certain insurance policies. As if this were not enough, your civil liability as an occupant of the property is not covered either. Therefore, private insurance is necessary if the occupant, owner or tenant wants peace of mind and to properly protect both their home and their liabilities to third parties.

What does my civil liability insurance policy cover?

In general, it covers the liabilities that we have to face due to potential material or personal damages caused to third parties. These damages can arise from being the policyholder or homeowner, and are insured when you take out buildings insurance. For example: breakage of pipes causing damage to the floor below; a tile falling off the roof of your single-family house causing damages to a parked vehicle; or damages to flats in a building due to an explosion. When you insure the contents of your home, you also cover your personal liability and that of your family living with you, including your children, regardless of their age, provided that their main residence is the insured property. In addition, it includes actions in the capacity of head of the family, contracting party of minor works, sportsperson, owner and user of vehicles without an engine, owner of boats, camping, pedestrian, owner of pets, company owner, etc.

Is dog liability included? 

If you have insured the furniture or contents of your home, this also covers the liabilities that you may incur as a dog owner, with the exception of dogs deemed dangerous by the law.

What happens in the event of an accident and my capital is lower than it should be?

If you have insured your belongings for less than their real value (underinsured), the insurance company, in the case of a partial claim, can apply the proportional rule. This means that your damages or losses will be compensated in the same proportion of your capital compared to the amount that you should have insured. For example: if your personal property were insured at 60% of their correct value, the compensation that you will receive will equate to 60% of the amount that you would have received if you had insured them at 100%. In the event of a total loss, the company will compensate you for the maximum amount that you have insured in your policy. However, DKV applies a margin of tolerance and, therefore, does not apply this rule if the differences are not clear.

Can I make changes to my policy before it matures? 

You can modify some aspects of your policy: increase or decrease capital, include jewellery or objects of special value, modify risk situation, etc.

Can I pay my home insurance in instalments?

On maturity or when taking out the policy, you can choose from three payment methods: annual, half-yearly or quarterly. The net premium per payment must be equal to or above €50.

COVID procedures

Action steps for insured persons in the face of COVID-19

We have initiated several processes that ensure assistance for our customers and employees. Find out more find out about what to do in the following cases:

  • Procedure to follow in the event of symptoms

  • Procedure to follow in the event of close contact

  • Other situations in which a diagnostic test is required

  • Vaccine administration 

For more information, click here.

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