Globality CoGenio®
Collective insurance for expatriates

International health insurance for personnel spending abroad more than three months

  • Put your employees' health in the best hands

  • Top-class healthcare

  • Excellent outpatient, hospital and dental care
    as well as special assistance services.

  • Product modalities vary according to the provisions they offer.
    Choose the one that best suits your staff's needs.

Conditions and commitment
Service provided through dedicated teams

We assist our corporate customers with dedicated, expert service teams, with the aim of providing a highly personalised service. .

Medical directory
International medical network

We provide access to a network of medical providers for hospital and outpatient treatments, with direct payment and/or the issuance of a payment guarantee worldwide.

Briefing note

Globality Health checks the conditions under which it can offer you the insurance provisions based on the information provided already during the process of setting the price.

Briefing note
Self-management tools

From the My Globality HR Portal, it is easy to process registrations, cancellations, any modification of details, invoices or consultations.

Top-class world cover

Requesting my reimbursements and the payment is very simple and fast. The process is agile and intuitive.

Konstantin I., Bulgary
Globality Yougenio global assistance

Thank you very much for the support provided in M's treatment and the reimbursements managed in the last few years. Globality Health procedures were always agile and efficient, we vouch for it, as we have made quite a few reimbursement requests!

Nigel H., Hong Kong

If you are looking for health insurance for your expatriate employees

Why choose Globality CoGenio®?

Top-class world cover

The capacity to organise and to provide top-class advice are the essence of our international services. The 24h personalised assistance provides your employees and their families the answers they need.

Efficient management for your Human Resources team

Our HR website offers smart and agile processes to manage the expat group, with quick access to information about your contract.

Efficient control of health costs

We make sure that your employees receive the highest quality medical treatment, while we monitor its cost.

Taking out insurance by phone

Calculate and take out your insurance

Call us with no strings attached at 900 500 101

Globality Health
Globality Health is an international insurer part of the MunichRe Group and ERGO.

There are more than 30 million expatriates worldwide, and this figure is constantly growing. With its excellent health insurance provisions, Globality Health operates in a highly dynamic environment.

Many international companies, as well as individuals who wish to take out insurance in the event of a long stay abroad, trust in our experience.

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