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I am a DKV Seguros customer


Contact us via the WhatsApp channel to manage authorisations, request PCR tests, etc. Add +34960160602 to your contact list.


Telephone procedures

24-hour doctor: 976 991 199900 810 074 

Telephone procedures

MUFACE policies: 900 300 799

Telephone procedures

Worldwide travel assistance: +34 91 379 04 34

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I am a DKV Famedic customer

Sales branches and offices

Find your branch closer to you and contact us.

Digital platforms

  • Carry out your customer procedures through Customer area

  • Download the app Quiero cuidarme Más, the platform from which to manage the most important aspects of your health.

I want to take out insurance

Please call us on: 900 500 101

Write to us at and a sales adviser will assist you with no strings attached, or fill in the following form with your details so that we can send you the information about the insurance policy that best meets your needs:

I am a health care professional

If you would like to be part of our medical directory, contact your nearer branch or via this form.

If you are already part of our medical directory, you can communicate any changes through And for issues about billing at your nearer branch.

Other matters

Press office

93 214 00 78 or by email


976 76 73 45 or by email

Other matters

You are a DKV customer

Please call us on:

976 506 000

Exclusive mutual society members

Please call us on:

976 768 999

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