Find out about our insurance for the entire family

We look after what's most important, your health and that of your family

  • Unlimited consultations and check-ups with specialists: gynaecology, paediatrics, nursing, emergency...
    without the need for authorisations or waiting lists

  • Prevention and diagnostic tests: X-rays, ultrasound scans, blood tests.

  • Included services of psychology, speech therapy and dental care with caries prevention, sealants and fillings.

  • With a discount when taken out with the entire family

  • Worldwide travel assistance abroad

Digital midwife
Your doctor near your family

With more than 51,000 doctors and 1,000 centres available throughout the country.

Video consultation and chat with specialists
Telemedicine service

Paediatric medical helpline, 24-hour doctor and video consultation and chat with specialists.

Exclusive discounts
Discounts for large families

A 7% discount for taking out a policy with more than three members.

Dental coverage
Free dental cover

Free dental services and the rest with a huge discount, such as orthodontic treatments.

DKV Famedic Plus

Health insurance for families

Enjoy health insurance that provides the best cover for your children: paediatrics, speech therapy, psychology, hospital emergencies and much more.

DKV Dentisalud Classic

Dental insurance for families

Children's dental health is a large expense for families. With our dental insurance, children under 14 years of age do not pay, and you can enjoy discounts on orthodontic treatments.

DKV EcoHogar

Home insurance for families

Home insurance will protect you from common risks and third-party claims, with Civil Liability Insurance.

Taking out insurance by phone

Calculate and take out your insurance for families now

Call us with no strings attached at 974 887 003

Why take out health insurance for your family?

Quick and time saving

The average waiting time in the Spanish Social Security for a consultation with a specialist is 72 days. Request an appointment directly without going to the GP.

A service adapted to your schedule

Freedom to choose the time to visit a specialist without interfering in your daily life and without waiting lists.

Personalised care

Include your trusted gynaecologist and paediatrician in your policy if they are not in our extensive medical directory.

Extensive medical directory

Medical directory with more than 51,000 professionals and 1,000 health centres, such as the clinics Teknon, Quirón, Ruber, CUN*, etc., without having to pay more for them.

Online administrative procedures

Authorisations or appointment requests for certain tests, etc. through the Customer private area. WhatsApp service for resolving queries, authorisations and tests related to COVID-19.

Top level care

In the event of hospitalisation, you will enjoy a private room with a bed for your companion. 

Satisfied customers

Families with DKV

Digital midwife

Medical specialists 

Medical directory

Paediatricians across the country

Video consultation and chat with specialists

Health queries resolved via video consultations with paediatricians.

Compare the cover of our health insurance policies

Which health insurance covers your family's needs?


DKV Famedic Plus

The most affordable family health insurance with access to seven of the most demanded specialities

DKV Integral Complet

Our medical directory insurance with direct access to more than 51,000 specialists, without waiting lists and high copayments.

DKV Mudisalud Classic

80% reimbursement of medical fees in Spain and 90% abroad, with a limit of €237,000.

Personal Doctor

Health insurance with a personal doctor service and paediatrician with constant monitoring of your health.

Primary care

Medical assistance in the centre and at home, paediatrics, nursing service and ambulance service for emergencies.

All the medical specialities
Unlimited consultations in 7 medical specialities Guided by your personal doctor

Cardiology, digestive system, traumatology, gynaecology, ophthalmology, chiropody, dermatology, allergies... and all diagnostic tests.

Surgery and hospitalisation
no Only in the Premium modality

Hospital care for medical or surgical treatment.

Access to any specialist and centre
DKV Famedic Plus own centres Network-affiliated medical directory with more than 51,000 specialists Access to any specialist and centre with reimbursement of expenses Network-affiliated medical directory guided by your 'Personal doctor'

20 sessions/year and 40 for eating disorders, bullying at school, cyber-bullying, occupational stress and gender-based or domestic violence.


For treatment and management of obesity, up to 20 sessions per year.

Dental coverage

Dental coverage 

Video consultation and chat service: general medicine and specialists
General medicine Via the Personal Doctor app

Unlimited video consultations with specialists, 24h medical chat, electronic prescription, health folder, health coach and digital midwife.

Single price for families
Single price for families (up to 8 members) Discounts for households: 7% (4 pers.) 12% (+4 pers.) Discounts for households: 7% (4 pers.) 12% (+4 pers.) Discounts for households: 7% (4 pers.) 12% (+4 pers.)

Up to 8 members.

Medical phone lines

Medical phone lines

Reimbursement of pharmacy expenses
no no no

50% up to 100 euros/year

Reimbursement for vaccinations
no no no

We reimburse up to €50 per vaccine with a total limit of €150 per customer per year.

My 'Personal doctor' and paediatrician
no no no

Your guide and adviser, with whom to arrange health consultations (via chat and video call) and who will be by your side in all stages of your life. Your children's personal paediatrician will monitor them from their birth to 14 years of age. You may consult any symptom, and he/she will proactively monitor their growth and health.

Your 'Personal paediatrician'
no no no

The paediatrician will monitor your children from their birth to 14 years of age. You may consult any symptom, and he/she will proactively monitor their growth and health.

Health assistant
no no no

Adviser that frees you from all the medical bureaucracy: processing authorisations and medical appointments.

Contribution for medical treatment
Payment by service (except visits to the included specialities) With high copayment Without copayment With or without co-payment

The amount you have to pay when you use certain services.


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Childhood vaccines

Vaccination schedule

Vaccines prevent and help protect our children against multiple illnesses. We are aware of their importance, but it is also important to know the characteristics of each vaccine in detail and against which diseases they protect.

In this guide you can also see the vaccination schedule according to your child's age.

Insurance for families

We took out health insurance before having children with the idea of enjoying the insurance during pregnancy and insuring our babies. It was a real success, especially in terms of vaccines, first check-ups, and I even used the digital midwife service.

Testimonials DKV Mundicare family

Being able to visit my children's paediatrician without having to wait several days makes it very easy for us, especially when we have a fright due to a fall in school, a fever that doesn't go away or a rash that requires visiting a dermatologist.

Testimonials DKV Famedic Plus family

We have always relied on Social Security, but having a health insurance too has been great to save on my daughter's orthodontics costs or consultations with a psychologist during her adolescence.

Frequently asked questions about insurance for families

Can I continue taking my child to our usual paediatrician?

If your trusted paediatrician is not in the DKV medical directory, you can include yours with a small surcharge.

Can I have a medical consultation from home?

Yes. You can use the medical helplines, including the 24-Hour DKV Physician or the 24-hour Paediatrics Helpline. In addition, through the Quiero cuidarme Más app you can also enjoy virtual consultations with specialists via telephone, chat or video call.

Do we have cover abroad?

All DKV health insurance policies have medical assistance abroad in the event of an emergency for trips of less than 180 days. In addition, reimbursement insurance policies allow you to go to a doctor or centre of your choice anywhere in the world and receive the reimbursement of expenses in a few days.

What advantages can we enjoy if the entire family takes it our?

Discount for family policies: 7% if you are four insured persons, or 12% if you are five or more. Plus an additional 7.5% for making an annual payment.

Are childhood vaccines included?

All compulsory vaccinations in the Spanish vaccination schedule are included.

Can I take out the health insurance on the website?

Our most popular insurance policies are taken out on the website. You can also take them out over the phone with the help of a sales adviser. And, you can obtain information and help in taking them out at our branches.

Are dental consultations covered?

Yes. Unlike other insurance policies, DKV includes dental cover in all its health insurance, with 47 dental services and several discounts on orthodontic treatments, cosmetic dentistry and implantology. We also have two dental insurance policies with greater coverage and services. To learn about the importance of dental health care during infancy, download this free guide.

How many psychology sessions are there a year?

Your health insurance includes 20 consultations a year with a psychologist to treat any emotional health problem. If you suffer school bullying or workplace harassment, cyberbullying, eating disorders, such as anorexia or bulimia, you will have up to 40 sessions.

What additional services can I take out for my family?

You will have access to the entire catalogue of health and well-being services at lower-than-market prices.

How can I request the GP or paediatrician home service?

With DKV insurance, you can request a home service when, due to the condition of the ill person, going to a consultation or hospital centre is not advisable from a medical point of view.

Are childhood vaccines included?

Your comprehensive health insurance includes the administration of vaccinations included in the compulsory child vaccination programme in Spain, at certified associated vaccination centres, where the medication will be borne by the insured person, except when provided for free by the provincial Public Health authorities or similar body in the autonomous community.

Is there a discount if I include my family?

Yes, you will have an additional discount of 7% if you are four insured persons, or 12% if you are five or more.

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