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  • More than 51,000 medical professionals and 1,000 affiliated health centres.

  • Espacios de Salud DKV, own centres with maximum guarantees and cutting-edge technology. In addition, you will enjoy over 1,000 additional health services at special prices.

  • Free telemedicine through the Quiero cuidarme Más app: 24h chat, call or video consultation with medical specialists and other digital health services.

Medical directory

Medical specialists and 1,000 health centres in our affiliated medical directory available for you.

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Espacios de Salud DKV with the latest technology and services, personalised attention and long visiting hours.

DKV Health coach
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Medical helplines where you can receive advice on your health anytime.

Video consultation and chat with specialists
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Specialities available for video consultations, health coach and midwife in the Quiero cuidarme Más app.

Would you like to be able to choose from among the country's best doctors?

At DKV Seguros, you will be able to choose the most highly prestigious specialists in private medicine. According to the Top Doctors Awards 2017, in which doctors recognise and commemorate the achievements of today’s most influential and respected doctors, DKV is one of the insurance companies in Spain with the highest number of award-winning doctors in its medical directory.

This is another example of how hard we work to ensure that our clients receive the best healthcare services.

In the past year, all professionals in DKV's medical directory have also been considered among the best in Spain

DKV is currently the insurance company with the most nationwide and worldwide renowned doctors in Spain. This is shown by the medical directory ranking Top Doctors® which publishes the names of the best single-speciality medical teams and the fifty best rated doctors in 2018. Throughout the year and via recommendations, medical professionals choose the best Spanish specialists in whose trust they would also place their own and their family's health.

Among the fifty finalists are twenty-six doctors included in DKV's medical directory. The insurance company has improved its numbers in this edition and has added ten doctors to the figure included in the last study, which was conducted in 2016.

Espacio de salud
DKV Health spaces

The first chain of clinics with dual certification: ISO 9001 and UNE 179001, guaranteeing a healthcare service which is totally safe.

Medical helplines
Medical phone lines

Do you have a symptom that worries you, any doubts about medication or do you not understand the results of tests? Consult it with the 24-Hour DKV Physician. We also have medical helplines for more specific consultations: conditions affecting women, pregnancy, nutrition, childhood obesity, sports medicine, tropical medicine and psychoemotional.

Virtual medical consultation
Virtual consultations with a doctor

From the Quiero Cuidarme Más platform, obtain reliable medical guidance in a convenient and secure way, and schedule a virtual medical visit wherever you are via chat, call or video call, in addition to other health services, such as the digital midwife, health coach, psychological guidance service, etc.

Health services
Health services

Discover the Club de Salud y Bienestar to supplement your health cover with additional services, at lower-than-market prices for being a DKV customer.

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