We help you with your procedures through WhatsApp

Changes to your policy, help with our Activa DKV app, medical directory consultations and other procedures in the simplest way possible.

Procedures via Whatsapp

If you are a DKV Famedic customer, contact us via WhatsApp at 960160883

Consultation type

  • We help you carry out your procedures in the DKV Customer Area and DKV Famedic (For Famedic products), and we advise you on the use of DKV Apps (Quiero cuidarme Más and Activa DKV app)

  • We resolve your most frequent queries and procedures (queries about the medical directory, insurance cover and much more).

With total security

At DKV we will never ask you for your health information via WhatsApp, as health information is protected by the General Data Protection Regulation. For the same reason, we will never ask you to send us voice messages.


Add the WhatsApp Customer Service number +3460160602 to your WhatsApp contacts

Video consultation and chat with specialists

Chat on WhatsApp and select the consultation or request you need, and carry out your procedures with our virtual assistant and our personal assistance team.

Avoid waiting lists

Our agents are available Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm (except bank holidays), but remember that you can chat with Nauta, our virtual assistant, whenever you need to.

You are a DKV customer

Please call us on:

900 810 072

Exclusive mutual society members

Please call us on:

900 810 073

You aren't a DKV customer