Economical health insurance

Our aim is to take care of the health of our customers, their families and society.

This is why we adjust our insurance to every pocket, offering economical health insurance, with reduced cover, no hospitalisation and surgery and the possibility of personalising the insurance based on your needs, with the aim of reducing the monthly premium.

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We offer you renowned medical professionals and centres with state-of-the-art technology, without any waiting lists.

For the whole family

DKV Famedic insurance policies have a fixed price for up to 8 relatives, and the rest of health insurance policies include a 7% discount if it has more than three relatives.

Dental services

Treatments included at no additional cost and the rest with a major discount, such as orthodontics or implantology.

Contact a doctor on your mobile phone

Unlimited video consultations with specialists and 24h chat, wherever you are.

Taking out insurance by phone

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Are you looking for another type of insurance?

We have designed products to cover your and your family's needs according to your finances, lifestyle and use you are going to give the health insurance.

insurance with copayments

Insurance with copayment

If you're not going to use the insurance frequently and want a more economical premium, choose a health insurance with copayments.

health insurance without waiting periods

Insurance without waiting periods

If you are looking for an insurance policy that you can use comprehensively from day one

health insurance with a personal doctor

Insurance with a personal doctor

If you want digital insurance with a personal doctor to assist and advise you whenever you need it.

Frequently asked questions about economical health insurance

We answer the most frequently asked questions

What is an economical health insurance?

An economical health insurance policy includes basic healthcare, as well as general medicine, nursing, medical specialities, and in the case of DKV, dental cover.

In order to reduce the insurance policy's cost, other cover is excluded, such as diagnostic tests, hospitalisation and surgery, because these are considered to be included in comprehensive health insurance.

This is why, it is important that you know what cover interests you before taking out an economical health insurance policy. At DKV, we offer modular health insurance, in which you can choose whether you only want primary care with specialists or if you want to add diagnostic tests, surgery and hospitalisation for a higher premium.

What should you consider when taking out economical health insurance?

When taking out an economical health insurance policy, you should know what private health insurance is and how it works. It is also important that you compare and analyse the cover and price offered by the different insurers, since sometimes more expensive does not mean more guarantees. So, when looking for an economical health insurance policy, you should be aware of why the premium can vary as well as of some suggestions that can help you every month.

Does DKV offer economical health insurance?

Yes, at DKV, we adjust our health insurance policies and offer an array of insurance at a low premium:

How can I take out an economical health insurance policy?

Fast and simple! Take out any of our health insurance policies 100% online through our website; it will only take 5 minutes:

  • Calculate your price without any strings attached.

  • Fill in your personal details and those of who you want to insure.

  • Confirm your details: check that all your details are correct.

  • Make the payment.

We will give you your insurance number and send you a confirmation email so that you can enjoy all the advantages offered by your DKV health insurance from day one.

We also offer you a service to help you take out the insurance online; call free of charge 876 147 077, and we will answer any query.

You can also take out our health insurance by visiting any of our sales branches and/or offices.

What cover will an economical health insurance include?

At DKV, we have designed economical health insurance with cover limited to what you need, with the aim of reducing the premium you pay and by able to suit all pockets. The DKV Famedic plus insurance policy includes unlimited visits to the most requested specialities, so that you do not have to pay extra for specialities that you do not use.

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