Work leave insurance

We help you protect your income in the event of temporary incapacity to work. 

  • If due to illness or accident you cannot work or go to work.

  • You will receive compensation for each day you are on leave.

  • And we offer advice over the phone with the 24h Medical service.

Benefits of taking out allowance insurance

Taking out the insurance
Quick payment

Financial support to cover unforeseen expenses of a work leave.

Best hospitals in the country
Medical expenses

Receive medical assistance expenses deriving from an accident covered by the policy.

Video consultation and chat with specialists
Digitisation of health

Discover the digital tools and solutions related to prevention and medical consultations we have available for you.

Medical directory
Medical services

24-hour medical helpline, second medical opinion, refractive laser surgery, etc.

Qué seguro de baja laboral incluye las coberturas y servicios que necesito?

Compara las coberturas de nuestros seguros de subsidio.

Benefits of having DKV insurance for self-employed workers

Pol is a freelance designer and has it very clear: "With DKV, my health, my possible work leave and even my smile with its dental cover are covered." Like him, many self-employed workers already trust in DKV insurance. So, what are you waiting for?

Once you have covered your care in the event of medical leave

Other health insurance for self-employed workers you might be interested in

DKV Profesional

Medical insurance

DKV Profesional

Combine in one insurance policy all the cover you need: health, income, accident and death.

DKV Famedic Profesional

Health insurance for families

DKV Famedic Profesional

Medical insurance with cover for medical consultations in several specialities, general medicine without prior appointment, physiotherapy service and accounting management tool for your business.

DKV death insurance

Funeral insurance

DKV Protección Familiar

Leave everything ready with a death insurance, so your family doesn't have to worry about anything. Includes repatriation, psychological support and erasure of digital identity.

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Against childhood obesity

Actions that fight against reducing overweight figures in children.

For the planet

We have obtained the Zero CO2 seal from ECODES. Our planet needs us, and we work towards protecting and recovering it.

For women's health

We no longer want to be mothers, but MalasMadres, which is why we are launching #TimeToTakeCareOfYourself

For inclusion

At the DKV Integralia Foundation, we work towards the social and professional integration of all people.

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