Espacios de Salud DKV

Whether you are insured with DKV or not, you can visit our own medical centres.

  • You can request an online appointment without having to go personally or call by phone.

  • Enjoy maximum guarantees, and new, comfortable and equipped facilities with the latest technology.

  • Quality care with long opening hours for patients.

  • We guarantee a quality service and excellent materials.

Best hospitals in the country

23 centres at your disposal throughout the country with renowned medical professionals.

Quality of the service

Top quality products and materials using the latest technology.

Online procedures through the app

Personalised treatment to guarantee results and ensure your satisfaction, clinically and scientifically endorsed.

Briefing note

The first chain of clinics with dual quality certification: ISO 9001 and UNE 179001.

Renowned professionals await you at Espacios de Salud DKV

We offer you personalised treatments with high-quality materials and the latest technology in healthcare

Espacios de Salud DKV and dental centres

Our Espacios de Salud DKV are medical centres and dental clinics with the best guarantee for treatments, quality, and solvency. We want to offer you the best services:

  • Multiple medical specialities without waiting lists: general medicine, psychology, psychiatry, gynaecology, otolaryngology, allergology, dermatology, urology, chiropody, ophthalmology, traumatology, cardiology and logopaedics.

  • The latest technology in diagnostic tests: radiology, mammography, ultrasound, analytical tests, rehabilitation, comprehensive dental service. We also provide illness prevention and healthy lifestyle programmes at DKV's own medical centres.

  • Dental clinics with a wide range of dental specialities: general dentistry, endodontics, prostheses, orthodontic dentistry, implants, radiology, periodontics, paediatric dentistry and cosmetic dentistry.

  • The best renowned professionals, as well as cutting-edge technology and equipment.


COVID prevention measures

  • PPE (personal protective equipment): respirator masks, gloves, water-resistant gowns and goggles are available for all staff members.

  • A maximum 10 patients will be permitted to enter the centre. 

  • A member of staff will be at the door to manage access.

  • Posters with the virus containment measures dictated by the Ministry of Health will be displayed in visible areas in all centres.

  • Agendas with appointments every 20-30 minutes.

  • Non-urgent analytical and diagnostic test services will be closed.

  • Telephone and video conference consultations are available, which professionals can attend to from their homes, if they prefer. 

Discover the Espacios de Salud DKV

At are own medical centres you will find spacious, bright, accessible and comfortable facilities, so that you feel at home. In addition, children have a space to play so that the time in the waiting room is not boring. All health centres are equipped with cutting-edge technology to carry out medical and dental treatments.

We want to improve what surrounds us! With our four causes.

Are you one of us?

Against childhood obesity

Actions that fight against reducing overweight figures in children.

For the planet

We have obtained the Zero CO2 seal from ECODES. Our planet needs us, and we work towards protecting and recovering it.

For women's health

We no longer want to be mothers, but MalasMadres, which is why we are launching #TimeToTakeCareOfYourself

For inclusion

At the DKV Integralia Foundation, we work towards the social and professional integration of all people.

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