Health insurance with copayments

Choose health insurance with copayments if you are not going to use your insurance frequently, you want a more economical premium and you want to pay a small amount whenever you use the medical service, saving on your monthly premium.

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Why choose health insurance with copayments?

Economical premium

Your monthly payment will be lower, and you will only pay a very small amount extra when you visit a doctor.

DKV medical directory

Our insurance policies with copayment provide access to our comprehensive medical directory without waiting lists.

Types of modalities

Depending on how you use your insurance, you can choose between a high or low copayment, which differs in the price of medical services.

Dental policy included

Dental service at no additional cost and many treatments at discounted rates: dental aesthetics, orthodontics, implantology or bruxism.

Taking out insurance by phone

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Are you looking for another type of insurance?

We have designed products to cover your and your family's needs according to your finances, lifestyle and use you are going to give the health insurance.

economical health insurance

Economical health insurance

If you are looking for insurance with an economical premium and reduced cover.

health insurance without waiting periods

Health insurance without waiting periods

If you need to use the insurance from day one, with no limit on visits and treatments.

health insurance with a personal doctor

Insurance with a personal doctor

If you want digital insurance with a personal doctor to assist and advise you whenever you need it.

Frequently asked questions about insurance with copayments

We answer the most frequently asked questions

How does insurance with copayment work?

Copayment in health insurance is simply paying a small amount of money every time you use certain services included in the policy, and it depends on the type of speciality you visit. As for diagnostic tests, those that are more complicated or require the use of more resources from the clinic will be more expensive.

When and how is copayment used?

A copayment is a charge you have to pay when visiting the doctor or undergoing a treatment or diagnostic test. The copayment is added to your insurance premium whenever you make that extra cost that is not included in your insurance. The insurer registers this expense and adds to your premium at the beginning of the following month a bill with the details of the copayments, which is based on the use you have made of your insurance in the last 30 days.

What types of copayments are there?

Copayments can generally be classified by levels: without copayment, with a low copayment or with a high copayment, which differ in the cost of each of the services.

When are copayments charged?

The bills are issued on monthly basis and debited in the first days of each month.

What is the difference between health insurance policies with copayment and without copayment?

Whereas health insurance policies with copayment involve paying a small amount of money every time you visit a specialist, those without copayment only require paying a fixed premium per month or year, regardless of the number of times you use the medical services.

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