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Health insurance for individuals

Health insurance that offers access to the best private medicine service. We care about your family's health and well-being.

  • We will take care of your physical and emotional health.

  • You will enjoy extensive cover and services within your reach.

  • We will facilitate all the procedures and formalities.

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Medical directory

Medical professionals in more than 1,000 centres available throughout the country

Avoid waiting lists

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Video consultation and chat with specialists
+ 315,000

Medical consultations attended without leaving home

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Health insurance designed for you

At DKV, we offer health insurance that takes care of you at every stage of your life to cover your health needs. 

insurance with copayments

Insurance with copayment

Health insurance with a more economical instalment, and a small amount payable whenever you use the medical service.

health insurance without copayments

Insurance without copayment

Medical directory insurance with a fixed monthly payment, regardless of its use or the times you visit a specialist.

health insurance with a personal doctor

Insurance with a personal doctor

A new medical experience with all the cover of a comprehensive health insurance policy and the reassurance provided by a personal doctor.

economical health insurance

Economical insurance

Cheap health insurance suited to every pocket, with reduced cover, without hospitalisation and surgery and with the possibility of personalising the insurance.

DKV Mundisalud

Reimbursement insurance

Medical insurance in which you can choose the doctor and hospital centre, and with a reimbursement of expenses in less than a week.

health insurance without waiting periods

Insurance without waiting periods

Health insurance that you can use from day one, without waiting for visits to specialists or diagnostic tests.

Other insurance policies

Once your medical assistance is covered, we will present you other insurance policies for each area of your life.

Your needs change, insurance adapts.

DKV Protección Familiar

Funeral insurance

Uno de los mejores servicios funerarios, con traslado y repatriación a tu país de origen.

DKV Renta

Work leave insurance

Protegemos tu economía con una indemnización por cada día que estés de baja laboral.

DKV EcoHogar

Home insurance

Nuestro seguro de hogar protege tu vivienda además de cuidar la salud de tu familia.

DKV life insurance

Life insurance

Protege la economía de tu familia por fallecimiento, incapacidad o enfermedad grave.

Doctors, centres an own health spaces

51,000 doctors and 1,000 health centres available for you

DKV medical directory

When you take out health insurance, the medical directory is what you will value most, so that you have the centres you visit near you and you can go to a medical specialist whenever you need it.

At DKV, we have more than 51,000 professionals and 1,000 medical centres available throughout Spain. Avoid waiting lists and long procedures with the security and professionalism of the most convenient, fastest healthcare, and choose whatever you need at any time.


Medical specialities

  • Complete Medical Directory

    See medical directory
  • Medical specialists

    Enjoy access to consultations of over 51,000 medical professionals from day one: general medicine, nursing services, paediatrics, gynaecology, allergology, dermatology, chiropody and traumatology.

  • Clinical analyses

    Take laboratory tests to confirm or rule out a medical diagnosis: blood, urine or faeces tests for objective results.

  • Diagnostic tests

    Early detection tests, diagnostic tests, preventive or general check-ups prescribed by a specialist.

  • Dental treatments

    From preventive dentistry to cosmetic treatments, with DKV medical insurance, you will enjoy dental cover at no additional cost: dental cleaning, sealants or extractions, and other services with great discounts: orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, etc.

  • Health and wellness services

    Access to DKV Club Salud y Bienestar at special prices for being a DKV customer: nutrition, sport, gait analysis, fertility treatments, cosmetic or wellness treatments, among others.

Espacios de Salud DKV

  • Doctors and centres

    With DKV Seguros, you can choose from the best range of specialists and medical centres in Spain. We use 7 of the 10 best hospitals in Spain.

  • Espacios de Salud DKV

    Whether you are a DKV customer or not, we have our own Espacios de Salud , with odontologists and specialists, personalised treatments with high-quality materials and the latest technology, all with your health in mind.

  • Online consultation with specialists

    Unlimited video consultations with a specialist without leaving home, chatting directly to resolve any medical queries at any time of the day. In addition, you will be able to share privately images and documents, as well as receive your electronic prescriptions.

  • Digital midwife and Health coach

    Advisory services via a private chat with a midwife if you are pregnant or just gave birth to a baby. If you are looking for help to change your lifestyle habits, you have a health coach service available (diet, sports, tobacco, sleep, etc.)

  • Medical helpline

    24-Hour DKV Physician wherever you are, as well as Specialised medical lines: paediatrics, nutritionist, conditions affecting women, pregnancy, childhood obesity, sports medicine and psychoemotional.

Discover the new Activa DKV app!


  • View your medical directory.

  • Your digital medical card.

  • Manage your insurance: documentation, contact details, medical authorisations, invoices (for reimbursement insurance)

  • Contact DKV: by chat, phone or nearest branch.

  • Digital health services through the Quiero cuidarme Más app: video consultation and chat with specialists, pharmacy, health folder, psychotherapy service, and new online physiotherapy service.

See more details of the Activa DKV app

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