Insurance with personal medical service

The usual medicine, but specific

  • If you are looking for personalised medical care

  • That monitors your health

  • With which you can go for a medical consultation whenever you need it

  • To visit a trusting healthcare professional that knows your medical history

  • And who recommends you a specialist when needed.


Why choose a health insurance with a Personal Doctor?

Personalised medicine

Personal doctor and paediatrician at your disposal whenever you need it: diagnosis, monitoring and referral to specialists.

Health assistant

An adviser that frees you from all the bureaucracy: processing authorisations and medical appointments.

Guided medical directory

Extensive medical directory with all specialities. Your doctor will guide and advise you when you need a specialist.

Your health is just a click away

From a single app, you can contact them and manage everything related to your health and your policy.

Taking out insurance by phone

Request information to take out health insurance

Call us for FREE with no obligation and have an expert help you throughout the process.

Are you looking for another type of insurance?

We have designed products to cover your and your family's needs according to your finances, lifestyle and use you are going to give the health insurance.

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Insurance with copayments

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health insurance without copayments

Insurance without copayments

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DKV Mundisalud

Reimbursement insurance

If you're looking for an insurance policy that you can use to go to any doctor or centre anywhere in the world, even if it doesn't work with insurers.

Frequently asked questions about insurance with personal doctor

We answer the most frequently asked questions

What can an insurance with "Personal doctor" benefit me in?

Your "Personal doctor" is a trustworthy healthcare professional who works continuously and in a personalised way to ensure an optimum health. You can consult them whenever you want to clear up any doubts or concerns you may have. In addition, they will guide you to arrange a face-to-face consultation with a reference specialist in your city/town.

What is the personal health assistant's function? What can they help me with?

The personal health assistant will provide you support and take care of the procedures you need, either to request an appointment in medical centres or with the insurance company, with the aim of facilitating the authorisation process.

In addition, you will have a chat service available to ask any question you may have in relation to managing your insurance. Your health queries will be directly answered by your "Personal doctor".

What is the difference between an insurance with a personal doctor and a traditional health insurance?

In a health insurance policy with a personal doctor, your relationship with medicine is much more personalised and efficient. You choose a personal doctor to help you at all times and refer you to the specialist you need, face-to-face or remotely. They know you and have your medical history, so they can offer you advice and preventive plans based on your health condition and your needs.

The difference with a traditional medical insurance is that you will always be accompanied by both the medical service (always talking to the same doctor to clear up your health-related doubts and guide you on visiting a health specialist) and the personal health assistant for any procedure related to your insurance.

How is your insurance policy managed with a personal doctor?

You will have everything at hand through a single app: you will be able to review your health information, see your schedule of medical appointments, receive a video consultation with a doctor, enjoy 24/7 medical assistance and use a chat service for any questions about pharmaceuticals.

In addition, you will have a direct chat available with the health assistant to help you avoid unnecessary paperwork and another chat with our customer service team for changes, modifications and questions about your policy.

Will my personal doctor be available to attend to any medical consultation?

The personal doctor is available Monday to Friday from 08:00 am to 08:00 pm. The professional is available for consultation 7 hours a day, and you can find out about their availability by scheduling an appointment. You choose when to have a medical appointment.

But if your doctor is not available when you contact them through the chat (because it is outside their available working hours or they are attending to another patient), you will be assisted by another professional from their team. They all have your medical history, because they are interconnected!

What are the advantages of an insurance with personal doctor if I have children?

If you have children under 15, the insurance with a personal doctor includes a personal paediatrician service.

As with children over 15, in the app's initial settings, select the paediatrician who will monitor your children's health and schedule a first consultation to get to know each other; the following consultations will be carried out in the same way, that is, by scheduling a virtual consultation or medical chat. They can also refer your children to a specialist if necessary.

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