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We offer you all kinds of health services at very competitive prices, just for being a DKV insurance customer

  • Maternity services

  • Beauty treatments and plastic surgery

  • Sports, nutrition, rehabilitation and physiotherapy

  • Exclusive services in elderly care

  • Discounts on optical, orthopaedic and auditory health items

  • Illness prevention programmes

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More than 1,000 health services in hundreds of centres throughout Spain.

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With the services of the DKV Club Salud y Bienestar

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Fertility and assisted reproduction treatment

Assisted reproduction or artificial insemination is the set of techniques that facilitate or replace the natural processes of reproduction. It is intended to ensure the dream of making a family a reality, with the most successful techniques and with less risk.

Umbilical cord banking

Conservation of stem cells from umbilical cord blood

With BioCord, the leading company in this service, you can store the stem cells from your baby's umbilical cord. This can offer your baby and his or her siblings another option for a cure if suffering from a number of very serious diseases related to blood cancers such as leukaemia or lymphoma, and others related to the immune and metabolic systems, who needs a bone marrow transplant: 75 altogether. To date, there have been more than 30,000 transplant using stem cells from cord blood.

Plastic surgery

Medicine and plastic surgery

Network of medical centres specialising in top-quality customised cosmetic solutions and at very special prices. To make you feel good about yourself and improve your well-being and your quality of life. It includes a wide range of non-invasive facial and body treatments (peels, blemishes, lymphatic drainage, firming treatments, etc.) as well as surgical treatments such as mammoplasty and abdominoplasty, etc.

Laser surgery

Refractive laser surgery

A safe and quick procedure that corrects most eye conditions (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, etc.) and, because you're insured by DKV, you can benefit from significant discounts. You can also choose techniques like Intrasik or ocular lens implantation.

Gait analysis

Biomechanical gait analysis

Our specialists study your body and design the perfect treatment to improve your quality of life. Discounts include fully customised insoles and follow-up checks.

Senior health

Elderly care

We stand by you taking care of the elderly, making this stage of their lives as rewarding as possible and making them feel attended by healthcare assistance and emotional support. We offer assisted-living apartments, elderly homes, convalescence assistance, home care, day centres and elderly healthcare services: hearing aids, chiropody, physiotherapy, optics and orthopaedics. As a DKV customer, you have access to the Free helpline for advice on the dependency of senior relatives. Call 900 81 39 48 and clear up any doubts.

Discover all the offers and new features of the DKV Club de Salud y Bienestar's online services

Discover the new features for this year, with the new inclusion of online services, which you can enjoy wherever and whenever you want.

Club Salud y Bienestar
  • Online childbirth preparation classes, stop smoking app, school support for children with ADHD, and online camps and babysitter with Nannify

  • COVID-19 diagnostic tests

  • Emotional health: Meditation and mindfulness

  • Conservation genetic heritage DNA biobanks

  • Psychological support for school children

  • Pet services

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We offer the best professionals and medical centres within our affiliated network, in which you can carry out more than 1,000 health and wellness treatments.

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Please call us on: 976 506 010 to find out information about the services we provide.

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Users of DKV Club Salud y Bienestar give their opinion on the service

What do they think about the additional health and wellness services?

No health insurance includes a cosmetics service. I was lucky to come across DKV and gain access to plastic surgery services, paying much less than doing so on my own.

Rocío Machín

I took out the medical insurance so I could use it when we had children. It took us a long time for me to get pregnant, and before so, I resorted to a fertility treatment through the DKV Club Salud y Bienestar.

María Loscertales

I am delighted with DKV's service in elderly care. My mother is living alone, and every time we go away for a few days, I can use the home care service, with which she is well attended and cared for.

Cristina Serrano
Quiero cuidarme Más app

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  • Video consultations with specialists and 24h medical chat

  • Request an appointment with multiple medical centres without having to call or go in person.

  • Receive, store and share your health documents.

  • All your electronic prescriptions without going to a consultation.

  • Analytical test request in your health folder.

  • Take care of your mind with the online psychology service and tools to manage your emotions.

  • Health coach to quit smoking, lose weight or track your pregnancy, among other benefits

Here are the FAQs

Before booking a health service, have everything clear.

As a DKV customer, can I use my details to access the DKV Club Salud y Bienestar?

No, unlike DKV Seguros' Customer area, you need to register and enter your personal details again. You need to identify yourself as a DKV Seguros or ERGO customer using the combination of your National ID card, your policy number or card number, and your date of birth. Click on "Log in" and then "Create new account" and follow the instructions.
You will then receive an email with the password. You can access the Club Salud y Bienestar market place using your email and password. You can also use this password to access the Quiero cuidarme Más application.
*Registering in DKV Club Salud y Bienestar is restricted to DKV, ERGO Decesos, ERGO HOGAR CAM insured customers. See the special terms and conditions of your insurance.

How can I find out the discounts I can enjoy?

Once you have registered and logged in, you will see within each service the prices for your type of policy.

How can I access all health services?

You can start searching by "Specialities", "Interest" or "Promotions" from the top menu. You can also use the magnifying glass icon to directly search a product or service.

What discount do I have on the original price?

All products and services have a special discount for being a DKV Club Salud y Bienestar customer. The vast majority have a 10% discount, and there are some products, such as optical items, that have a discount of up to 50%.

How do I book a service?

When you have selected the service and centre, you will reach the product file, where you will find the green button "BOOK". Once you confirm the booking, you can download the voucher with all the information, and we will send you a confirmation email with the details and information about the service.

Where do I have to pay?

Once you have completed the service, you pay at the centre.

What happens if my booking expires?

If it expires and you have already arranged an appointment, don't worry; all you have to do is generate a new booking so it is valid for that appointment. Remember that bookings are valid for a month after they are generated.

Do I have to print the booking voucher to attend the appointment?

No, you can take it on your mobile phone or write down the booking code, but it contains important information and observations regarding the service.

How can I cancel the booking?

Go to "My account" and click on "My bookings". Find the booking you wish to cancel and click on "Delete".

Will you send me a reminder when the date of the appointment is approaching?

At the DKV Club Salud y Bienestar we will inform you about when the booking voucher will expire. The corresponding centre will manage and process your appointment.

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