Medical phone lines

24-Hour DKV Physician, your medical helpline

Receive advice on your health anytime, anywhere

Do you have a symptom that worries you? Phone the 24-hour DKV Doctor, and we will help you to assess how important it is and the best course of action to take.

  • If in doubt, call!

  • For questions about medications.

  • Or to understand the results of a test.

No exclusion for pre-existing conditions
Your medical reports

Send your reports so the doctor can file them in your personal folder and can use them in subsequent consultations.

Download the documentation
Proof of consultation

When the 24-Hour DKV Physician recommends you rest at home to keep an eye on your symptoms.

Medical directory
Second medical opinion

In the event of a serious illness, obtain a second opinion from an internationally renowned specialist.

privacy policy
Second bioethical opinion

Ask recognised experts about ethical issues, with all DKV's guarantees of confidentiality and independence.

Less doubts, more peace of mind!

Find out about the Medical advice helplines


24-Hour DKV Physician

A free medical advice service, fast and easy to access, available 24/7. The doctor will advise you and answer your concerns about:

  • Illnesses, treatments and prevention, as well as medication use and interaction.

  • Explanation of laboratory reports and diagnostic tests.

  • Orientation about the centres and specialists best-suited to solve your problem.

The service is available in whichever language you choose: Spanish, Catalan, English, German or French.

Paediatric medical line

Paediatric medical line

A 24-hour special service for caring for your children's health

Paediatric medical specialists, experts in complex cases, will talk with you and resolve all your concerns about illnesses, prevention treatments, vaccines, use of medications, understanding reports, etc. Especially focused on the health problems of children under 14 years of age with a DKV health policy.

Childhood obesity helpline

Childhood Obesity health line

We offer recommendations to prevent or treat overweight in children.

If your children have DKV insurance, you can call and ask for advice and medical documentation on preventing and treating overweight in children. You will be assisted by doctors or technicians in diet and nutrition.

Women's medical helpline

Women's medical helpline

Clear up your concerns, woman to woman, in complete privacy.

A line staffed exclusively by female doctors to offer you, in complete confidence, medical advice, information and answers to your questions about symptoms, diagnostic tests, health problems or medications related to women's health.

Pregnancy helpline

Pregnancy helpline

If you have questions about your pregnancy, we are right by your side.

Be doubt-free during your pregnancy. We offer information and advice, and answer your questions about symptoms, diagnostic tests, health problems or medications for each stage of gestation.

Nutritional medical line

Nutritional medical line

Advice on the type of diet you need

We offer dietary advice over the phone, staffed by doctors or technicians in diet and nutrition, and we give you solutions and answers about health prevention and monitoring diseases that include diet therapy as part of the treatment prescribed by your doctor.

Sports medical line

Sports medical line

Play sport safely: talk with your sports doctor.

Specialists in sports medicine and technicians or doctors specialising in nutrition will provide you with all kinds of information and answer your questions about how to prevent injuries, adapt exercise to sport and will offer advice in the cases of illnesses whose doctor-prescribed treatment includes physical exercise.

Tropical medical line

Tropical medical line

Travel with peace of mind, call before departing

Before you travel to a country with specific prevention requirements, this free medical advice service will help you resolve questions and problems about symptoms, vaccinations, chemoprophylaxis, preparing trips to tropical countries and any international health problem.

Psychoemotional helpline

Psycho-emotional helpline

If you don't feel emotionally well and you need help, call us.

Our team of mental care experts are on hand to provide you with psychological help by phone whenever you need it and up to three times per year, in sessions of 30 minutes, in order to be able to assess your case and offer you personal guidance in solving your problem.

Your 24-hour report

Have your doctor and the "24-hour DKV doctor" coordinate their care of you. If you have reports from your doctor or a hospital discharge report, you can send them to DKV's 24-hour doctor to be filed under your name, and they can then use them for all the telephone consultations you have about your illness or treatment. That way, they can better stay abreast of information and recommendations from your doctor.

Write to:

Proof of consultation and/or rest

You don't have to go anywhere to get proof. If the 24-hour DKV doctor recommends you rest at home to keep an eye on your symptoms, we can send you proof of this by email. This service is not available in all cases, due to monitoring and safety limitations. Request it during your consultation with the DKV 24 hour doctor.

Call 976 991 199

Second medical opinion for serious illness

Feel sure that you're receiving the best possible treatment. If you have a DKV Integral, DKV Mundisalud or DKV Top Health policy, DKV facilitates the study of your medical file and review of the explorations carried out by a provides an internationally renowned specialist.

This system eliminates language, distance and cost barriers as it prevents the patient from having to travel, and gives him or her the peace of mind needed to take decisions of vital importance. It highlights the most appropriate treatment and also considers alternative treatments. It resolves complex problems quickly and inexpensively. It represents an important source of information and support to the attending doctor.

Call 976 991 199 or write to

Second bioethical opinion

Don't feel alone; get advice from experts on ethical issues. In situations where you don't know who to ask, the bioethics forum offers DKV's customers the opportunity to raise issues related to bioethics with recognised experts in the field.

The customer requesting this service has all the guarantees of confidentiality and independence, as it will be provided by the independent experts on DKV Seguros' Bioethics Committee. This body has been recognised by the Catalonian regional government's Directorate General of Health Resources and not directly by DKV. They can also use the doctors in our affiliate network who provide care to cases of insured parties.

Call 976 991 199 or write to

Learn about our health insurance customers' experience

At DKV we take our customers' opinions very seriously, and their experience helps us to improve our service every day.

Call to the emergency paediatrician

My five-year-old child had an accident, and I had doubts when giving him a dose of medication. With a simple call to the paediatric helpline, a doctor answered my doubts and I felt more at ease.

Sara Ramirez
Any time of the day

I got up early in the morning with a severe headache, and I got scared. I took my telephone and called the 24-hour DKV Doctor. After explaining my symptoms and asking the doctor on the other side of the earpiece, I went back to bed to continue resting.

Carla Esteban
Fears before travelling

The date of our trip to various countries in Southeast Asia was approaching, and I had many questions about what type of vaccines we needed for each country. I called the DKV tropical helpline and a doctor gave me all the information I needed. Now, every time I travel to a distant country, I always call.

Saúl Santanatalia

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