Health insurance without waiting periods

At DKV, we offer various insurance policies without waiting periods that you can use from day one, so that you don't have to wait to use medical services.

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Why choose health insurance without waiting periods?

Health insurance has a waiting period for some complex diagnostic tests, surgical procedures and hospitalisation.
All DKV insurance can be used from day one to visit specialists, emergencies and most diagnostic tests. However, we offer insurance options that you can use comprehensively from day one.

General medicine and medical specialities

Unlimited consultations with the main specialists, either in person or by video consultation.

No age limit

Unlike other insurance policies, you can take out your insurance if you are over 70 years old.

Dental services

Treatments included at no additional cost and the rest with a major discount, such as orthodontics or implantology.

Your procedures, from your mobile phone

Consult the medical directory, make changes to your policy, contact us and, in health insurance, enjoy video consultations and a chat 24/7.

Taking out insurance by phone

Request information to take out health insurance

Call us for FREE with no obligation and have an expert help you throughout the process.

Are you looking for another type of insurance?

We have designed products to cover your and your family's needs according to your finances, lifestyle and use you are going to give the health insurance

insurance with copayments

Insurance with copayments

If you're not going to use the insurance frequently and want a more economical premium, choose a health insurance with copayments.

health insurance without copayments

Insurance without copayments

If you don't want to pay more and want to have a fixed monthly payment, regardless of how you use your insurance, choose an insurance policy without copayments.

economical health insurance

Economical health insurance

If you are looking for insurance with an economical premium and reduced cover.

Frequently asked questions about insurance without waiting periods

We answer the most frequently asked questions

What is the waiting period in health insurance?

A waiting period in a health insurance policy refers to the time that the insured person must wait, after taking out the policy, in order to be able to use some of the cover and services it includes.

How long is the waiting period in insurance?

The waiting period will depend on each test and each insurance policy, which is calculated as the period of time in days specified in the Specific Terms and Conditions of the policy, starting from the insurance contract's initial date of validity.

What is an insurance without waiting periods?

In a health insurance policy without waiting periods, you can use all the cover included in the policy from day one, without having to wait a certain time.

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