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International and domestic travel insurance

At ERGO Travel Insurance, we have the product that best suits your holidays.

Travel with the peace of mind of knowing that you are protected against any unexpected event.


Benefits of ERGO travel insurance

ERGO Travel Insurance is the insurance company that specialises in assisting people.
As the inventors of travel insurance, we have been insuring millions of travellers worldwide for over 100 years.

We offer flexible solutions tailored to each customer, as well as the most comprehensive and extensive travel cover for our insured customers.

Medical directory
Unlimited medical cover

When travelling abroad with our Select insurance. Includes COVID-19

Taking out the insurance
Holiday cancellation and reimbursement

Recover the cost of your holidays if you can't travel.

travel assistance
Luggage Cover

Compensation for loss, theft or delay in the delivery of luggage.

travel assistance
24/7 travel assistance

Wherever you are, receive the best international assistance in your language.

International travel insurance

Select - International travel insurance

The most comprehensive travel insurance, to travel anywhere in the world with the most complete guarantees: unlimited medical assistance abroad, repatriation, travel cancellation, luggage, delay in the departure of the means of transport and more.


Safe Traveller - Tailor-made insurance

Adapt your policy's cover to your holidays' needs. With Safe Traveller, you decide how much you want to insure in the following guarantees: Medical assistance, Accidents, Luggage, Cancellation and Reimbursement. A travel insurance that is tailor-made to you.

Nexible - Flexible travel insurance

With the flexible travel insurance, customise your insurance according to your personal needs. That way, you only insure what you really need. Quickly and easily configure the cover for your annual travel insurance in just a few clicks.


Here are answers to frequently asked questions, so everything is clear about ERGO travel insurance

Why take out a travel insurance?

Taking out a good travel insurance before starting any trip gives you the peace of mind of knowing that whatever happens, and wherever you are, you will always obtain the best assistance.
During the trip
And the truth is that there are many unexpected events that you will have to cope with while you are travelling:
  • Small health problems (gastroenteritis, ear infections, muscular or bone injuries, etc.)
  • Loss or theft of luggage, or even delay in their delivery, forcing you to buy essential items at destination.
  • Delay in the departure or cancellation of the means of transport, leading to missing connections or losing bookings.
  • An unexpected event in your home that requires you to return early.
These and many other situations can arise at any time. For all of these situations and many others, the insurance offers extensive protection, such as receiving the best medical assistance at destination or returning you to your home early at no additional cost.
Before the trip
Travel insurance does not only offer you the protection you need during your trip, but it also offers you extensive cover before initiating it. Our travel policies with cancellation include more than 35 causes for cancelling a trip, which gives you the peace of mind of knowing that, if you cannot initiate the trip, you will at least be able to recover the money you spent.
You must also bear in mind that there are many countries where you will have to prove that you have taken out travel insurance as a requirement to enter. Some of them are: Cuba, Ecuador, Algeria, Iran...
In short, having a good travel insurance always guarantees peace of mind.

What does travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance offers you protection against certain unexpected events that may arise during your holidays: 
  • Compensation for loss, theft or delay in the delivery of luggage.
  • Compensation for cancellation or delay of flights and missing connections.
  • Medical assistance in the event of suffering health problems during your holidays.
  • Unexpected transport expenses if you have to interrupt your trip.
  • Extra accommodation costs if due to an unexpected event you must extend your stay at destination.
  • Private civil liability and legal protection in the event of causing involuntary damage to third parties.
  • And many more guarantees.

What does the medical assistance guarantee cover?

With our travel insurance policies, you will enjoy the cover you need at destination in the event of suffering health problems; this includes the following:
  • Medical, surgical and hospitalisation expenses worldwide, for both the insured person and the travelling companion.
  • Medicalised transportation of ill or injured persons.
  • Compensation in the event of hospitalisation.
  • Extension of stay in the hotel if you cannot return on the original date due to health problems.
  • Express delivery of medication.
  • Dental expenses. And if you are suffering an illness, don't let it be the reason for not travelling.
Our Select insurance offers you the possibility of taking out the optional package of pre-existing medical conditions. This cover guarantees you receiving life-threatening emergency medical assistance if you relapse during your holidays.

What happens if my luggage is lost?

Our travel policies provide you with assistance if your luggage is stolen or lost during your trip. Depending on the policy you choose, you can receive a compensation of up to €2,000. You will also receive compensation if the company is delayed in delivering your luggage to you.

If at the end I am not able to travel, can I cancel my trip?

The cancellation cover allows you to cancel your trip for more than 35 reasons and recover the money you spent on your holidays. You can cancel your trip due to various reasons: medical (falling sick before travelling, having to undergo surgery, etc.), legal (having to attend a trial, vote in elections, etc.), employment-related (losing or changing your job, etc.) and other reasons, such as burglary or fire in your home.

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