Dental insurance

Discover the most comprehensive and economic dental insurance policies that can be used from day one.

Taking care of your and your family's dental health is important.

Medical directory
An extensive medical network

With more than 2,000 renowned dentists, the best clinics and the most advanced treatments.

Satisfied customers
Free for children

FREE for children under 14 years, provided that the insurance is taken out with an adult.

Dental coverage
Services without added costs

Numerous free treatments and many at well below market prices. e.g. orthodontics at €600

Conditions and commitment
The advantages we offer

No health declaration form, no limits, and no age-based differences.

Compare the benefits of our dental insurance

If you are looking for a dental insurance, we will help you to choose according to your needs


DKV Dentisalud Classic

A quality dental insurance that takes care of your dental health at the best price.

DKV Dentisalud Élite

The most comprehensive dental insurance to take care of your smile.

Children under 14 free*

Children under 14 free*

Free treatments
57 treatments 59 treatments

Included in the price of the policy at no extra cost

Complementary dental services with big discounts
30% discount 40% discount
No authorisations, no limits to treatment
There are no age limits for taking out the policy
Consultations for all dental specialities

Consultations, dental quotation and treatment plan.

Intraoral x-rays
Serious dental accident

If it affects more than three teeth, we will reimburse you for the treatment costs (maximum €6,000)

Conservative dentistry

Provisional fillings.

EUR 225 EUR 210

Metal-porcelain crown or bridge.

EUR 550 EUR 400

Appliances both jaws.

Stress breaker
EUR 216 EUR 195

Treatment against bruxism.


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Discover the Espacios de Salud DKV

Our facilities are large, well-lit and comfortable, equipped with cutting-edge technology, the latest generation orthopathography and digital teleradiography, dental CT and boxes with intradental radiology, among others. A technology at the disposal of great professionals.

Quality is present in each and every one of our procedures. We guarantee quality control, in care, the service and our excellent materials. We only use top-brand implants and all items are carefully controlled by our purchasing department.

Frequently asked questions about dental insurance

We resolve your most frequent queries about dental insurance

How do I take out the dental insurance?

At any of our branches,, Espacios de Salud DKV,  business offices, network of DKV agents our website or leaving your details at this form so we can call you. 

How does the dental insurance work? 

DKV Seguros will directly pay the dentist for the services provided in your visits, and you will have to directly pay for dental treatments or services that are not free of charge. See all our excess amounts here

Can the dental insurance be taken out for people over 65?

Yes, the dental insurance has no age-based limits or differences. 

Dental insurance with no term commitment, how long is the duration of the contract? 

The insurance policy is renewed automatically, for annual periods or calendar years, unless the policyholder notifies in writing the cancellation thereof at least one month before the contract expires.

Is the dental insurance for children free? 

Caring about your loved ones' dental health won't cost you a thing. If you have children under the age of 14, their cover will be completely free if they are insured with you. No other company offers free insurance up to that age!

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Against childhood obesity

Actions that fight against reducing overweight figures in children.

For the planet

We are a Zero CO2 emissions company. Our planet needs us, and we work towards protecting and recovering it.

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We no longer want to be mothers, but MalasMadres, which is why we are launching #TimeToTakeCareOfYourself

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