This web page is designed to facilitate the navigation and use of the website by people with physical disabilities or by senior citizens. With them in mind, DKV complies with the following accessibility guidelines:

  • Compliance with the WCAG standards (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), at AA level.

  • Verification of compliance with the above guidelines using the Web Accessibility Test (TAW).

The sections meeting these guidelines include those that require registration for customers, healthcare professionals, brokers and businesses, the freely accessed sections in Spanish, Catalan, English and German, as well as applications for consulting the medical directory and the request for authorisation of diagnostic tests and medical procedures. At the moment, external applications such compliance consultation, management and contracting are excluded from this compliance.

In addition, we cannot control the degree of compliance with standards of accessibility of any external content we may include on our website or that you may send us.

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