Reimbursement insurance

Health insurance with reimbursement of expenses

Medical insurance in which you can choose the doctor and hospital centre you want to go, and with a reimbursement of expenses in less than a week.

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Fast reimbursement

Commitment to reimburse expenses in less than 7 days

Online procedures through the app
Procedures through the App

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Video consultation and chat with specialists
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Unlimited video consultations with specialists and 24h chat, wherever you are.

Compare the coverage of our most popular reimbursement health insurance policies

Reimbursement insurance policies allow you to choose freely the physicians and centres of your choice, even if they are not included in DKV's medical directory.


DKV Mundisalud Complet

80% reimbursement of medical expenses in Spain and 90% abroad, with a limit of €62,000.

DKV Mundisalud Classic

80% reimbursement of medical fees in Spain and 90% abroad, with a limit of €237,000.

DKV Mundisalud Elite

80% reimbursement of medical expenses in Spain and 90% abroad, with a limit of €310,000.

DKV Top Health ®

Visit any doctor or hospital around the world, with full reimbursement of expenses.

Access to all doctors and health centres around the world

Consultations in all medical specialities, diagnostic tests, and hospital care for medical or surgical treatment in both the DKV Network of Healthcare Services and in non-affiliated centres.

Dental policy included

Consultations, extractions, stomatological treatment, fluoridations, dental cleans and dental x-rays associated with these treatments. Sealants and fillings for children under 14 years. Rest of services with discount.

Video consultation and chat service: general medicine and specialists

Unlimited video consultations with specialists, 24h medical chat, electronic prescription, health folder, health coach and digital midwife.

Podiatry, physiotherapy and rehabilitation

No limit on sessions.

Reimbursement in less than 7 days

Reimbursement in less than 7 days

Reimbursement of medical expenses in Spain
80% up to 67,000 euros/year 80% up to 237,000 euros/year 90% up to 310,000 euros/year 100% With no limits
Reimbursement of medical expenses abroad
90% up to 67,000 euros/year 90% up to 237,000 euros/year 90% up to 310,000 euros/year 100% With no limits
Reimbursement of pharmacy expenses

50% up to 100 euros/year

Reimbursement for vaccinations

We reimburse up to €50 per vaccine with a total limit of €150 per customer per year.

Assisted reproduction
Reimbursement of auxiliary means and optician expenses
no no no
Spa treatment
no no no

Spa treatment


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All the details to make it easier for you to choose your reimbursement insurance

Waiting periods, reimbursement limits and insurance modalities

Waiting periods

It is the period during which the cover cannot be used yet. The provisions of our health insurance can be used from day one. In reimbursement insurance, only the following services have waiting periods:

  • Hospitalisation and surgery (including surgical prostheses): 6 months

  • Childbirth, except for premature deliveries: 8 months

  • Transplants: 12 months

  • Biomechanical gait analysis: 6 months

Reimbursement limits and modalities

The reimbursement limits depend on the modality taken out. In reimbursement insurance if you use the DKV medical directory, there is no expense limit; it will only depend on the type of modality taken out, where we will choose the expense limit assumed by the company, ranging from 80% to 100% in some modalities.

In Top Health insurance policies, the modalities differ in terms of excess or the quantity after which the DKV Seguros' cover begins.

Once your healthcare has been covered

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