Insurance for young people

Insurance for young people

Enjoy your time and let our insurance products take care of the rest.
Cover and services suited to your needs and your young lifestyle.

  • We want you to continue enjoying your freedom without wasting time in procedures

  • Enjoy access to all specialists from day one

  • Take medical tests without waiting for weeks

  • Medical consultations from your mobile phone wherever you are

  • Dental coverage

  • Travel assistance abroad

Medical directory
Skip waiting lists

More than 51,000 professionals and 10,000 medical centres without having to wait weeks to go to a specialist.

Video consultation and chat with specialists
Contact a doctor on your mobile phone

Schedule video consultations with a doctor and chat with specialists, wherever you are.

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Travel insurance

Medical cover in the event of an emergency during trips abroad.

Dental coverage
Dental policy included

Check-ups, fillings and discounts in cosmetic dentistry and invisible orthodontic treatments.

Insurance for young people

Health insurance for young people

We have the health insurance with which to continue enjoying and taking care of your health without worrying and without wasting time.

DKV Dentisalud Classic

Dental insurance for young people

Because we know that you want to continue boasting a beautiful smile, our dental insurance includes check-ups and cleaning and dental cosmetic services at a 40% discount.

DKV Famedic Profesional

Insurance for young self-employed workers

If you are a young entrepreneur, enjoy an insurance policy for self-employed workers that protects you in the event of sick leave, with legal assistance and legal advice.

Why take out a health insurance if you are a young person?

  • Quick and time saving

    The average waiting time in the Spanish Social Security for a consultation with a specialist is 72 days. Request an appointment directly without going to the GP.

  • A service adapted to your schedule

    Freedom to choose the time to visit a specialist without interfering in your daily life and without waiting lists.

  • Online administrative procedures

    Don't go to an office or branch for authorisations, taking out insurance products, arranging appointments for certain tests, etc.

  • Private room

    Private room in the event of hospitalisation with a bed for your companion.

  • Medical centres with the latest technologies

    Medical directory with more than 51,000 professionals and 1,000 health centres, such as the clinics Teknon, Quirón, Ruber, CUN*, etc., without having to pay more for them.

  • Exclusive health services

    Health and wellness services designed especially for you, with discounts in gyms, nutritionists, sports physiotherapy, cosmetic surgery, optics, etc.

Taking out insurance by phone

Calculate and take out your insurance for young people

Call us with no strings attached at 974 887 003

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Young people under 30 years of age with DKV insurance

Dental coverage

Dental services included

Video consultation and chat with specialists
+ 315,000

Medical consultations from your mobile phone

DKV Health coach

Chiropody and physiotherapy sessions

Compare the cover of our health insurance policies

What health insurance is most in-sync with your rhythm of life?


DKV Profesional Asistencia primaria

Made-to-measure health insurance. Only take out the cover you really need.

DKV Integral Complet

Our medical directory insurance with direct access to more than 51,000 specialists, without waiting lists and high copayments.

DKV Integral Élite

Our most popular medical directory insurance. Direct access with no copayment to more than 51,000 specialists with no waiting lists.

Personal Doctor

Health insurance with a personal doctor service to monitor you online and guide you in all aspects of your health

Primary care

Medical assistance in the centre and at home, paediatrics, nursing service and ambulance service for emergencies.

Worldwide emergency travel assistance

Worldwide emergency travel assistance. Maximum 180 days/trip, €20,000 cover.

Dental policy included

Consultations, extractions, stomatological treatment, fluoridations, dental cleans and dental x-rays associated with these treatments. Sealants and fillings for children under 14 years. Rest of services with discount.

Video consultation and chat service: general medicine and specialists
Via the Personal Doctor app

Unlimited video consultations with specialists, 24h medical chat, electronic prescription, health folder, health coach and digital midwife.

Digital health coach
Assisted by your 'Personal doctor'

Chat service with a coach to improve your habits.

Health services at lower-than-market prices

Access a catalogue of more than 1,000 health and wellness services.

All the medical specialities
no Guided by your Personal doctor

Cardiology, digestive system, traumatology, gynaecology, ophthalmology, chiropody, dermatology, allergies... and all diagnostic tests.

Surgery and hospitalisation
no Only in the Premium modality

Hospital care for medical or surgical treatment.

Podiatry, physiotherapy and rehabilitation

No limit on sessions.

Biomechanical gait analysis

Biomechanical gait analysis 


20 sessions/year and 40 for eating disorders, bullying at school, cyber-bullying, occupational stress and gender-based or domestic violence.


For treatment and management of obesity, up to 20 sessions per year.

My 'Personal doctor' and paediatrician
no no no

Your guide and adviser, with whom to arrange health consultations (via chat and video call) and who will be by your side in all stages of your life. Your children's personal paediatrician will monitor them from their birth to 14 years of age. You may consult any symptom, and he/she will proactively monitor their growth and health.

Health assistant
no no no

Adviser that frees you from all the medical bureaucracy: processing authorisations and medical appointments.

Contribution for medical treatment
Available with or without copayments With high copayment Without copayment Available with or without copayment

The amount you have to pay when you use certain services.


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The health insurance policy for young people

I have less and less free time. It is very comfortable to be able to have medical consultations from an app. The treatment is very good, and I receive a response, a diagnosis and even a prescription on my mobile phone right away.

The health insurance policy for young people

I enjoy further peace of mind since I have a DKV insurance, thanks to this insurance policy's extensive travel cover.

The health insurance policy for young people

I can enjoy a wide range of services tailored to my needs, which I can use without being ill: chiropody, physiotherapy, yearly check-ups, dental cleaning, etc.

Frequently asked questions about insurance for young people

Do I need to go to the GP before going to the specialist?

No, at DKV you can request an appointment with a medical specialist directly, without having to ask for an authorisation. No authorisations and no waiting lists.

If I am travelling, can I have a video consultation from my mobile phone?

Yes, but bear in mind that abroad, your mobile operator could charge you an additional amount, since the video consultation requires connecting to the 3G/4G network. Therefore, we recommend that you ask your operator beforehand, use Wi-Fi or a roaming data plan.

When can I start using your health insurance?

You can arrange an appointment with specialists and take a series of medical tests from day one. Some diagnostic tests, as well as hospitalisation, surgery and the gait analysis, have a waiting period of 6 months, childbirth 8 months and transplants 12 months.

If I need authorisation for a test, how can I request it?

You can request it through the customer area, by telephone on 976 506 000 or at your DKV branch.

Can I take out the insurance on the website or do I have to go to a branch?

Our most popular insurance policies are taken out on the website. You can also take them out over the phone with the help of a sales adviser. And, you can obtain information and help in taking them out at our branches.

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