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DKV Profesional Asistencia primaria

Basic health insurance providing access to primary care, emergencies and paediatrics.

DKV Integral Complet

Our medical directory insurance with direct access to more than 40,000 specialists, without waiting lists and high copayments.

DKV Integral Classic

Our medical directory insurance with direct access to more than 40,000 specialists, without waiting lists and lowest copayments.

DKV Integral Élite

Our most popular medical directory insurance. Direct access with no copayment to more than 40,000 specialists with no waiting lists.

Primary care

Medical assistance in the centre and at home, paediatrics, nursing service and ambulance service for emergencies.

All the medical specialities

Cardiology, digestive system, traumatology, gynaecology, ophthalmology, chiropody, dermatology, allergies... and all diagnostic tests.

Surgery and hospitalisation

Hospital care for medical or surgical treatment.

Dental policy included

Consultations, extractions, stomatological treatment, fluoridations, dental cleans and dental x-rays associated with these treatments. Sealants and fillings for children under 14 years. Rest of services with discount.

Video consultation and chat service: general medicine and specialists

Unlimited video consultations with specialists, 24h medical chat, electronic prescription, health folder, health coach and digital midwife.

Podiatry, physiotherapy and rehabilitation

No limit on sessions.


20 sessions/year and 40 for eating disorders, bullying at school, cyber-bullying, occupational stress and gender-based or domestic violence.

Worldwide emergency travel assistance

Worldwide emergency travel assistance. Maximum 180 days/trip, €20,000 cover.


For treatment and management of obesity, up to 20 sessions per year.

Respiratory rehabilitation

For chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and COVID-19 or coronavirus sequalae. Maximum 10 sessions/year in children under 10 years of age, and 3 sessions/year in adults.

Physiotherapy and analyses at home

In level 3 dependency.

Contribution for medical treatment
Available with or without copayments With high copayment With low copayment Without copayment

The amount you have to pay when you use certain services.


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Clear language so you can choose the type of insurance without hesitation

Health insurance waiting periods, copayments and modalities

Waiting periods

It is the period during which the cover cannot be used yet.
The provisions of our health insurance can be used from day one.
In medical directory insurance, only the following services have waiting periods:

  • Hospitalisation and surgery (including surgical prostheses): 6 months

  • Childbirth, except for premature deliveries: 8 months

  • Transplants: 12 months

  • Biomechanical gait analysis: 6 months

Copayments and modalities

The copayment is the amount you have to pay when you use certain services depending on the insurance modality chosen. This amount will be added to the fixed monthly payment you pay based on the health insurance you choose. Remember that there are insurance policies in which the copayment is €0.

Health insurance policies with copayment are an interesting option because you pay a low monthly instalment as well as a small amount when using a service, such as a medical test, which will always be at a much lower price than if you had no health insurance.

Once your healthcare has been covered

Other health insurance you might be interested in

DKV Mundisalud

Reimbursement health insurance

An expense reimbursement insurance to take care of your health and in which you can choose freely the doctor and centre you want to go, including abroad. We will reimburse between 80% and 100% of the total expenses depending on the insurance policy you choose and in less than seven days.

DKV Mundicare

Critical illness insurance

DKV Mundicare

An insurance that guarantees your financial protection and guides you in receiving the best available treatment in the world when you're faced with the diagnosis of a severe illness.

DKV Protección Familiar

Funeral insurance

DKV Protección Familiar

The death insurance that supports your family in difficult times. Eco-funeral and erasure of digital identity service.

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