Health insurance for companies

We adapt to your and your company's needs

  • With the support of a broad medical directory: 51,000 doctors and the best specialists.

  • Medical consultations wherever you are, with no travel.

  • We help you find the ideal insurance for your employees.

  • Managing your online insurance.


Advantages of taking out health insurance for companies

Medical directory
DKV medical directory

Immediate medical care and consultations with specialists without waiting lists.

Video consultation and chat with specialists
Digital healthcare services

Virtual medical consultations and pharmacy chat, all without travelling.

Taking out the insurance
Tax saving

100% deductible in your Corporation Tax.

Conditions and commitment
Self-management tools

We simplify managing your insurance, so you can administer your policies.

The best insurance for companies

We have different health insurance policies according to the type of company

DKV Pymes

Insurance for SMEs

Small companies with up to 50 employees, so employees, partners and relatives take care of their health.



Health insurance for large companies DKV Salud & Company

Insurance for large companies

Large companies with more than 50 employees, with access to comprehensive cover and a policy management tool.



Economical insurance

A health insurance policy with a price per employee and that does not take into account pre-existing conditions and can be used from day one.



Contact us to discuss any health concerns

Why take out a health insurance for your company?

Advantages for the company

Employees are more satisfied.


You build your employee's loyalty, obtain a greater commitment and make them more productive, and you become an appealing company when it comes to attracting talent.


It improves the company's image.


A company that takes care of its employees achieves a better internal and external reputation.


Reduces absenteeism at work.


Health insurance provides employees access to quality and fast medical care that does not require as much travelling.

Advantages for employees

Better work-life balance.


Private health insurance provides extensive visiting hours for medical appointments without waiting times.


Helps your domestic economy.


The first €500 for the payment of the health insurance are exempt from Personal Income Tax. In addition, the premium is lower in a group health insurance policy.


Quality medical care.


Extensive medical directory without waiting lists, with state-of-the-art treatments, dental service, psychotherapy and digital health services.

How can I make my company healthy?

Steps to take out health insurance for my organisation

DKV Health coach

Let's talk

A DKV health expert will arrange an appointment with you to learn about your needs and prepare a customised solution for you

Conditions of use

Welcome and support

Once the agreement has been signed, we will send each of your employees a welcome pack, together with information on the policy or health services taken out

Avoid waiting lists


From your healthy business management portal, you can manage registrations, cancellations and modifications in the policies you have taken out, without any paperwork, because your time is valuable to us

Frequently asked questions DKV Empresas

We explain the details with a clear and transparent language

What is insurance for SMEs?

It is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized enterprises with up to 50 employees. It helps you look after your employees’ health, allowing them to choose any professional or medical centre they wish either in Spain or abroad, as well as offering direct access to the prestigious DKV medical directory, which includes the best specialists and medical centres in Spain, such as the Teknon clinic, Clínica Universidad de Navarra, and more. If you want to continue reading about insurance for SMEs, enter here.

What is insurance for large companies?

Tailor-made insurance for companies with more than 50 employees. It keeps the physical and emotional health of employees at optimal levels, increasing the company's productivity. They will have access to the best professionals and medical centres in Spain. If you want to continue reading about insurance for large companies, enter here.

What are economical insurance policies for large companies?

They are insurance policies with a low premium and the essential cover, without hospitalisation and surgery. The most economical option to access private healthcare, with primary care, visits to specialists, video consultations to avoid travel and a series of simple tests, such as analytical tests or preventive plans


In addition, you can choose insurance modalities with or without copayment. The monthly premium in copayment modalities is much lower, and the insured person pays an extra amount based on the use made to the health insurance. If you want to continue reading about economical insurance, enter here.

What is a copayment?

A copayment is a small cash amount that is paid every time that you use a health insurance. It varies according to the type of insurance you have taken out and the medical test or speciality you undergo. Check the copayments of all DKV PYMES medical services in this link.

How many people have to register in the insurance for it to be considered a company/SMEs group?

From 3 to 50 employees to take out the SMEs insurance. More than 50 employees for the company group

Ways to take out health insurance at the company

Compulsory subscription, co-financed and Flexible Remuneration

​ What is a flexible remuneration plan?

Flexible remuneration consists in dedicating part of the employee's gross salary to a special remuneration; in this case, to the payment of an insurance premium, at a lower than market price.​

​ How to take out health insurance for employees

First, consider the type of insurance you want for your employees (basic, comprehensive, reimbursement, with digital health services, etc.) and analyse the different companies specialising in health insurance for companies and their proposals (medical directory, cover and services, waiting periods, exclusions, option of personalising certain services, etc.)​

Consider how they help you manage your insured persons' policies, and if they have a team of sales advisers who will help you find the insurance that best suits you.​

​At DKV, we have an insurance assistant for companies in which you fill in a form and based on the type of company, we provide you with various options for our specialists to contact your company over the phone and offer a face-to-face visit to your company if you need it.​

Once you have chosen the insurance, it can be taken out in person or over the phone. An agent will contact the company to send the offer and request the company's documentation in order to register it.​

After taking out the insurance, the employees will be provided with the commercial offer so they can subscribe to it, and we will register the insured persons (employees and relatives if they wish).

​ What is the advantage of taking out a health insurance through my company instead of myself?

The terms and conditions are different, and the product is customised according to the needs of your company and its employees (number of insured persons, age, services taken out, copayments, etc.)​​

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