DKV Famedic Plus

DKV Famedic Plus

The most affordable family health insurance

  • Free and unlimited general consultations in the main medical specialities

  • Includes annual gynaecological check-up (consultation, gynaecological ultrasound scan and smear test)

  • Access to the Quiero cuidarme Más app, by means of which you can arrange a virtual consultation
    with a doctor 24 hours a day
    , via chat, call or video call.

  • Discounts in the rest of medical specialities and complementary tests

For only €23.50/month per family


All the advantages of your health insurance

Why choose DKV Famedic Plus

Dental coverage
47 dental services included
Medical directory
7 medical specialities with unlimited consultations
Avoid waiting lists
1,000 hours saved on waiting lists
Happy customers
Up to 8 members included in the policy
Taking out insurance by phone

Calculate and take out your family health insurance

Call us with no strings attached at 974 880 116 or fill in the following form to receive all the information on family health insurance with no strings attached.

Full details on DKV Famedic Plus

The most affordable health insurance, in which you can include up to eight family members for the same price.

Cover and services

Avoid waiting lists and lengthy paperwork. DKV Famedic Plus brings you private health care with visits to the most in-demand specialities.

Enjoy unlimited consultations at no additional cost in the seven most in-demand specialities: general medicine, nursing, paediatrics, gynaecology, dermatology and traumatology, in addition to 47 dental services included, and ten specialised helplines to answer your questions.

Included cover


  • Direct access to the most in-demand specialities

    Unlimited access in Plus medical centres to consultations of these seven medical specialities: general medicine, nursing services, paediatrics, gynaecology, ophthalmology, dermatology and traumatology.

  • Annual gynaecological check-up

    You can go for an annual gynaecological check-up (consultation, gynaecological ultrasound and smear test), so you can enjoy preventive control of your health.

  • Dental coverage

    We take care of your smile with 47 dental services included and others with large discounts: consultations, check-ups, intraoral x-rays, fluoridation, cures, studies...

  • Reimbursement in the event of a dental accident

    Reimbursement of medical expenses in the event of a serious dental accident, if it affects more than three teeth, up to €6,000.

Health services


  • Telephone advice helplines

    Medical advice helpline at any time and from anywhere. If you are worried about a symptom, call us and an agent on one of our 10 helplines will be happy attend to you: 24h care general medicine, psychoemotional, nutrition, women's health, sports health, pregnancy, paediatrics, childhood obesity and tropical medicine.

  • Video consultation and chat with a doctor

    You will be able to contact a doctor by phone, video call or chat. Enjoy virtual consultations with medical specialists: as well as chatting with your health coach to improve your lifestyle and with a midwife if you are pregnant or just gave birth to a baby. Getting a first medical opinion has never been so easy. In addition, you can store your health documents (reports or tests) and have all your electronic prescriptions handy with the app.

  • Always thinking about your comfort: payment for use in complementary health services

    Discounts in medical specialities and complementary tests in DKV Famedic Salud y Bienestar and with no payment until you use the service.

Free guide with tips for doing sports with the family

Your family's health is the most important thing for us

Offers for mutual society members and their families

The lack of physical activity in children and adolescents poses a risk to their health, which could worsen in the future. Therefore, in this free guide we want to inform you of the importance of teaching good habits from an early age. 

  • Benefits of doing physical activity and exercise.

  • Some recommendations for physical exercise with children.

  • Several suggestions to carry out physical activity with the family.

If you have already decided to take out DKV Famedic Plus

We help you to take out your family health insurance in a few steps

Happy customers

Enter the details of the insured persons and choose how you want to pay the premium.

Taking out the insurance

Take out the insurance and enjoy it by completing just 5 steps.

Happy customers

We will confirm if the process of taking out the insurance has been completed successfully. You will receive all the documentation by postal mail.

Any insurance policy must start with a commitment

Terms and conditions of the contract

Age for taking out insurance
No age limit

An insurance policy designed for all ages without restrictions or age limits.

No exclusion for pre-existing conditions
Pre-existing medical conditions admitted

Regardless of whether you have a previous/congenital illness or pathology when you take out the insurance.

Happy customers
Family savings

Family price in which you can include up to 8 members at the same rate.

Medical directory
We think about your needs

Access to private medicine with unlimited consultations in the main specialities.

Testimonials DKV Famedic Plus young person
A medical insurance where I only pay for what I need

I have always used the Social Security, but I was looking for an insurance that would allow me to carry out my annual check-ups with the gynaecologist without having to visit the GP.

Laura Soriano
Testimonials DKV Famedic Plus family
A cheap and perfect insurance for my family

It has been a great success to have found an insurance in which I can include my children and wife in one bill for slightly over €20. The medical helplines have also saved us from a scare.

Juan Manuel López
Testimonials DKV Famedic Plus senior
Perfect for a family like ours

I needed an insurance in which including my mother, who lives with us and is old, would not be a hassle. We can go to the doctor and nurse whenever we need to.

Rocío Jiménez

DKV digital

We provide you with tools to make your life easier and take care of your health

Quiero Cuidarme Más App
Quiero Cuidarme Más App

Comprehensive management of the most important aspects of your health

Customer Area
Customer Area

The tool with which to access your customer profile

Quiero Cuidarme Blog
Quiero Cuidarme blog
Health tips

The DKV blog with which to learn how to take care of yourself with health advice for all the family.

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Once your healthcare has been covered

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We want to improve what surrounds us! With our four causes.

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Against childhood obesity

Actions that fight against reducing overweight figures in children.

For the planet

We are a Zero CO2 emissions company. Our planet needs us, and we work towards protecting and recovering it.

For women's health

We no longer want to be mothers, but MalasMadres, which is why we are launching #TimeToTakeCareOfYourself

For inclusion

At the DKV Integralia Foundation, we work towards the social and professional integration of all people.

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