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We resolve your most frequent queries about home insurance

What is meant by buildings and contents? 

The terms buildings refers to the value of the property, i.e. the physical structure: foundations, walls, doors, windows and ceilings. It includes adjacent structures, including patios, garages, terraces, swimming pools, sports facilities, and other fixed installations (heating, water, light, and gas supplies, solar panels, etc.). The term contents refers to items of personal property, such as furniture (including fixed kitchen and bathroom furniture), clothes, books, music, decorative objects, household items, electrical appliances, computers and technology, jewellery, etc. that are found inside the insured property and are owned by the policyholder, family members, or people who live in the home. 

What other services are included in home insurance?

In addition to the 24-hour home assistance service and handyman service, it includes the repair of household appliances, computer and technology support, psychological telephone assistance and the DKV Club de Salud y Bienestar. 

How does my home insurance's Handyman service work?

It is a professional home assistance for certain home maintenance work, detailed in the policy's general terms and conditions, with a six-month warranty. You will be able to request this service once a year (maximum of three hours). All you need to do is call Home Assistance (900 810 076) and the service will be performed from 9.00 to 19.00, Monday to Friday (except bank holidays).  

Am I covered if a household appliance breaks down?

Yes, DKV home insurance covers the call-out expenses and first five hours of labour of the professional that repairs your household appliance, provided that it is less than seven years old (washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator and television). You will only have to pay for the damaged part. 

I am a tenant. Do I need to take out insurance? 

If you are a tenant, it is also essential to have Civil Liability insurance (CL) to protect yourself against damages that you may cause to the property of the owner or third parties (neighbours, etc.). However, you must bear in mind that if, for example, there is a fire in the kitchen, in addition to the damages caused to your property, the lightwell or the other property's may be damaged due to the smoke. The injured third parties or their insurance companies will hold you responsible for the damages caused. Therefore, the most important form of cover is CL insurance, which is included when you insure the contents of your home. When you do so, you must value your personal belongings as well as the items under your responsibility in the home. In other words, you must include all the contents of the home including fixed kitchen furniture. 

Should I take out home insurance if I am the owner of a rented property?  

Yes, it is very important. By insuring the buildings, the policy will cover you, as the homeowner, for property civil liability against the tenant and third parties, as well as all the guarantees, such as fire, water damage, burglary, etc. 

I have taken out a homeowners association insurance policy. Do I need to take out home insurance?

Of course, you can insure your home if you wish. Contrary to what you might think, although the homeowners association insurance covers the building, this does not mean that all parts are automatically insured. In addition to the private areas, it is necessary to insure the furniture, as it is not covered by the homeowners association insurance. As if this were not enough, your Civil Liability as an occupant of the property is not covered either, as neither is family civil liability. Therefore, private insurance is necessary if the occupant, owner or tenant wants peace of mind and to properly protect both their home and their liabilities to third parties.  

Is dog liability included? 

If you have insured the furniture or contents of your home, this also covers the liabilities that you may incur as a dog owner, with the exception of dogs deemed dangerous by the law.  

How can I change home insurance?

The best thing is to make the change upon its renewal. You have to notify your insurance company that you want to cancel your policy with one month's notice. Once you have completed this procedure, you can take out your new home insurance policy, indicating the date on which you want it to become effective, so you are always protected and do not pay extra.  

What can I change in my home insurance?

If you already have a DKV home insurance policy, but you would like to change the capital sums or add a cover or you change residence, you can adapt your policy to the new situation. Ask any of our agents or brokers, by telephone or at any branch, about all the available options.  

What does the price of home insurance depend on?

A set of factors will determine the final price of your home insurance: the type of property, capitals contracted, province, constructed area, quality of the property's finishes and the property's security measures.  

Can I pay my home insurance in instalments?

On maturity or when taking out the policy, you can choose from three payment methods: yearly, half-yearly or quarterly. There is a minimum amount required in order to pay in instalments, ask your agent, broker or branch.  

Can I disassociate my home insurance from my mortgage?

Yes. You are not required to take out home insurance with the bank that you signed the mortgage. You can choose freely with which insurance company you want to take out the insurance for your home.  

What should I do in the event of an incident?

If a fortuitous event occurs in your home, such as a breakage of pipes or glass, fire, burglary, etc. you just have to call us on 900 810 076. We are available 24/7.  

Resolve your queries about home insurance

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FAQs - who

What does my civil liability insurance policy cover?

In general, it covers the liabilities that we have to face due to potential material or personal damages caused to third parties.

FAQs - money

How do you calculate the value of the building and contents?

To calculate the value of the Buildings, we need to know: Tipo de vivienda, metros cuadrados, calidad de la vivienda y provincia. En cuanto al valor del Contenido, DKV Hogar contempla la indemnización a valor a nuevo según se define en las condiciones generales.

FAQs - why

How do I insure jewellery and objects of special value?

With DKV, you have the advantage that when you insure your home contents, 10% of this capital is included for normal or usual jewellery in an average home.

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