How do I insure jewellery and objects of special value?


At DKV, jewellery is understood to be valuables, precious stones, watches, gold coins, etc. With DKV, you have the advantage that when you insure your home contents, 10% of this capital is included for normal or usual jewellery in an average home.


When the total value of the jewellery exceeds 10% of the total contents of your home, with an upper limit of 6,000 euros, this excess may be covered if the policyholder expressly requests it and pays the corresponding premium.

You will also have to make a list with all the jewellery that has a unit value greater than 2,000 euros.

With regard to Objects of special value, such as paintings, silver cutlery, sculptures, coin and stamp collections, fur garments, etc., they must be included in the inventory if their individual or total value exceeds 3,000 euros.

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