How do you calculate the value of the buildings and contents?

To calculate the value of the buildings and the cost of insurance, we need to know: type of property, quality of the property, constructed area and the province.

The capital is subscribed for the entire property (including the quota share of the co-ownership if the property belongs to a community governed by horizontal property regulations).

Regarding the value of the contents, DKV Hogar covers replacement costs in accordance with the general terms and conditions. However, to do this, policyholders (as it is their own subjective evaluation), with the help of a broker or at their nearest insurance branch, must establish sufficient funds to replace all the contents of their home in the event of a claim, including fixed kitchen and bathroom furniture.

Since fixed kitchen and/or bathroom furniture forms part of the contents, for an average flat which is the main residence and is inhabited by three or four people, we suggest that you insure the contents for at least 25,000 to 30,000 euros.

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