Whether you are a DKV customer or you are looking for health, dental, funeral or any other type of insurance, here we present you with the most frequently asked questions and queries when it comes to taking out insurance, the cover and the services included in your policy, as well as the online procedures you can carry out.

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Medical directory insurance policies

What is a health insurance policy without copayments? What are pre-existing conditions? What does travel assistance cover? We answer these and other questions about health insurance, with a clear and simple language.

DKV Mundisalud

Reimbursement health insurance

What are the reimbursement limits in reimbursement insurance? How do I apply for reimbursement in your insurance? Where can I check the status of the reimbursement of expenses? We answer these and other questions that you may have about health insurance with reimbursement of expenses.

Dental insurance

Dental insurance

If you have any questions about how dental insurance works, what services it covers, when you can start using it or where you can find the dental centres that you can visit, see this section.

DKV Protección Familiar

Funeral insurance

Why is it important to take out a funeral insurance? In what cases is repatriation to the country or city of origin covered? Are there other services other than the funeral? We resolve these and any other doubts.

DKV EcoHogar

Home insurance

Don't you know the difference between Buildings and Content yet? Find out what services you can include in your home insurance, if you need a home insurance when you are a tenant or how to submit a claim.

DKV life insurance

Life insurance

Discover how life insurance works, its duration, the services included, who will receive the compensation or what situations are excluded from life insurance.

DKV Accidentes

Accident insurance

Find out about the cover included in accident insurance, how accident insurance is calculated, how and when benefits or compensations are paid, etc. in our FAQs section.

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