What does my civil liability insurance policy cover?

In general, Civil Liability insurance covers the liabilities that we have to face due to potential material or personal damages caused to third parties.

These damages can arise from being the policyholder or homeowner homeowner, and are insured when you take out Buildings insurance. For example: breakage of pipes causing damage to the floor below; a tile falling off the roof of your single-family house causing damages to a parked vehicle; or damages to other flats in a building due to an explosion.

When you insure the contents of your home, you also cover your personal Civil Liability and that of your family living with you, including your children, regardless of their age, provided that their main residence is the insured property. 

In addition, it includes actions in the capacity of head of the family, contracting party of minor works, sportsperson, owner and user of vehicles without an engine, owner of boats, camping, pedestrian, owner of pets, etc.

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