Am I covered outside Spain by my mixed reimbursement medical insurance?

At DKV, we offer several types of reimbursement insurance, so you can choose the one that best suits you; among other things, they are different in terms of their cover:


• DKV Mundisalud allows you to:


Go to any non-affiliated doctor or centre around the world (external services), with 80%/90% reimbursement of total costs.


• DKV Top Health, a unique health insurance policy in the market with which you can:


 Go to any non-affiliated doctor or centre worldwide with a full reimbursement of expenses (except for dentistry, with a reimbursement of 80%).

In addition to these two reimbursement products, you will have a third option:


DKV Residentes


The Best Care service provides medical care in Germany by renowned specialists for the diagnosis and treatment of a severe illness.

In addition, all three insurance policies include worldwide travel assistance, which in the event of an emergency guarantees the provision of medical assistance abroad. This cover is included in the comprehensive insurance options, such as DKV Integral, and in any DKV Modular or DKV Profesional module, in any of the copayment modalities. This cover has one of the highest limits on the market: up to 180 days and €20,000.


The following is covered:


• Medical, pharmaceutical, surgical, hospitalisation and ambulance expenses abroad

• Emergency dental expenses

• Prolonged hotel stay abroad

• Repatriation or healthcare transfer

• Repatriation of the deceased and their companions

• Human remains escort

• Repatriation or transfer of other insured persons

• Companion’s travel

• Premature return home

• Shipment of medications

• Medical helpline

• Help in the search for lost luggage

• Forwarding of documents

• Legal defence expenses and advance payment of bond abroad

• Travel assistance

• Transmission of messages

• Family assistance

• Cancellation of cards

• Blocking of mobile phone

• Advance of monetary funds abroad

• Administrative fees for the replacement of documents

• Missed connections due to transport delays

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