Childhood obesity

No sugar!

We can reduce childhood obesity and overweight.



Childhood obesity has become the most serious health challenge for children's health in Spain. For this reason, at DKV Seguros has created this project to help to raise awareness of the challenge among children, schools, families, journalists, public administrations and practitioners, and with everyone's help, to find a solution.

Childhood obesity study
Causes and consequences

Childhood obesity in Spain

DKV has published the "Study on the situation of Childhood Obesity in Spain". It is a document that compiles data showing the seriousness of the current situation. It analyses the variations by geographical area and highlights the most vulnerable social sectors affected by the problem of childhood obesity.

Arkano frente a la obesidad infantil
Canciones para los que no quien escuchar (Songs for those who don't want to listen)

Menos obesidad infantil, más música

La prevención del sobrepeso infantil debe comenzar en edades tempranas ya que influye en el desarrollo futuro de la obesidad. Por eso, nuestro nuevo tema con Arkano, " Tu templo ", deja un mensaje muy claro: debemos actuar dede todos los ámbitos de la sociedad, empezando por la familia, e implicando a los educadores, pediatras e instituciones sanitarias con el objetivo de frenar una realidad que cada vez afecta a más niños.

Educar y concienciar desde la infancia

Raising awareness and educating in a healthy life since childhood are the basis of our fight against childhood obesity. Our #DKVapptívate project includes actions to reach all the parties involved.

Manifesto against sugar

Manifiesto consumo responsable del azúcar

Manifiesto contra la sal

Manifiesto consumo responsable de la sal

Manifiesto contra las grasas saturadas

Manifiesto consumo responsable de las grasas saturadas

Training for parents

Universidad de padres

Activist voices

The podcast by DKV to inspire, excite and raise awareness. Conversations, stories and experiences to change our health, our lifestyle and our planet.

Podcast sobre la obesidad infantil

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