DKV Dentisalud Elite

DKV Dentisalud Élite

The most comprehensive dental insurance to take care of your smile

  • More than 2,000 dentists at your disposal. 

  • 59 treatments included at no additional cost

  • Others with discounts of up to 40%.  

  • FREE for children under 14 years old.

  • Sign up for your dental insurance online, in just two clicks.

Por solo 8.40€/mes


Just this month! Take out your dental insurance with a 15% discount in 2021 and more discounts in the coming years.

All the advantages of your dental insurance

Why choose DKV Dentisalud Élite

Medical directory
+ 2,000 dentists at your disposal
Taking out the insurance
59 treatments included and other dental services with up to 40% discount
Happy customers
FREE for children under 14 years when the insurance is taken out with an adult
Dental coverage
+ €600 savings on orthodontic treatments

All the details of the DKV Dentisalud Élite dental insurance

We protect and take care of your and your family's dental health with the prestige and quality of our cutting-edge treatments

Cover and services

Enjoy the most comprehensive dental insurance with the best services and treatments at no additional cost.

We offer you numerous types of care and treatments, both to solve dental problems and to carry out preventive actions that help you to keep your mouth healthy. 

We want to offer you the best dental health provisions, but beyond this, we want to give you the best conditions to go with them.

Included cover

  • All dental specialities covered

    General dentistry, orthodontic dentistry, surgical dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, implants, radiology, dental diagnosis, dental emergencies.

  • Cover for serious dental accidents

    If it affects more than three teeth, we will reimburse you for the treatment costs (maximum €6,000)

  • Preventive dentistry

    Gel or fluoride applications, mouth cleaning, sealing and oral health education. Dental extractions included.

    The extraction of a wisdom tooth will only cost you €15 (compared to €180 without dental insurance)

  • Cosmetic dentistry

    Discounts of up to 40% in teeth whitening and ceramic veneers.

  • Orthodontics and splints

    Save €600 in orthodontic treatments, brackets and cutting-edge technology in invisible orthodontic treatment, splints to treat bruxism, etc.

  • Medical phone lines

    A 24h medical helpline and a 24h paediatric helpline to take care of your children's health at any time. The widest range of specialist helplines on the market: medical helpline for pregnancy, nutrition and childhood obesity, among others.

  • DKV Club de Salud y Bienestar discounts

    You will have access to a large catalogue of health and well-being services at lower-than-market prices: cosmetics, well-being, nutrition, sport, assisted reproduction, physiotherapy, wellness, babysitting and elderly care, etc.

See dental service prices with DKV Dentisalud Élite

Any insurance policy must start with a commitment

Terms and conditions of the contract

Online procedures through the app
Peace of mind with the service

No authorisations, no limits to treatment and no age limits.

Conditions and commitment
Easy to take out

Fast and simple to take out. No health declaration required.

Taking out the insurance
Family savings

With the aim of reducing the cost of your family's dental treatments, including children under 14 years of age is FREE.

Without worrying about paying more

59 free treatments and the rest with a 40% discount on the market price.

Espacios de Salud Dental DKV

Our own centres are equipped with cutting-edge technology, the latest generation orthopathography and digital Teleradiography, dental CT, boxes with intradental radiology.

With the aim of ensuring optimal care at any of our centres, all spaces feature standard and common procedures and a unified computer system, with odontograms and periodontograms, that records the history of each patient.

We also want you to enjoy maximum simplicity, which is why we provide you with long opening hours, personalised care and offers for financing treatments.

Information about the DKV Dentisalud Élite insurance to view later

Download the documentation

Download the documentation

Find out all about what your dental insurance offers: cover, additional services, dental treatment services, additional services and prevention programmes.

Download the documentation

Go over the information document about the insurance product.

Download the documentation

The aim of this document is to give a clear and simple response to some of the aspects included in the insurance: coverage, dental specialities, terms and conditions of the contract, etc.

Download the documentation

In this document you can review the special prices of the dental services not included in your policy compared to the average market price.

If you have already decided to take out DKV Dentisalud Élite

We help you to take out your dental insurance in a few steps

Happy customers

Calculate your insurance

Enter the details of the insured persons so we can offer the options that best suit you.

Taking out the insurance

Taking out the insurance

Take out the dental insurance and enjoy it by completing just 5 steps.

Conditions and commitment

Client Area

We will confirm if the process of taking out the insurance has been completed successfully. You will receive all the documentation by postal mail.

We care about your dental health

We offer you health advice so that you take care of and protect that best valued, your smile

Download the free guide for orthodontics

In this e-book you will find all the information about orthodontic treatments:

  • What they are and the types that are currently on the market, based on the patient's needs and age.

  • Possible issues and pain involved in wearing orthodontics, and mouth care while the treatment lasts.

  • You can also find out the average prices for orthodontics with and without dental insurance.

Discover how simple it is to boast a new smile with straight and pretty teeth.

Our customers' opinions

What do they think about DKV Dentisalud Élite?

Testimonials DKV Mundicare family
Comprehensive dental insurance and free for children

We were looking for comprehensive dental insurance for the whole family, and we found Dentisalud Élite, which offered us very good coverage and dental insurance for our children under 14 years old free of charge. That same afternoon we took out the contract.

Alicia Ramirez
Testimonials family
Saving money, not on quality

We had never thought about taking out dental insurance, but when we knew how much money we were spending on dental treatments that are not covered by the Social Security, we changed our mind. With Dentisalud Élite we have saved more than 600 euros on my daughter's orthodontics.

Juan Sánchez
Testimonials DKV Famedic Plus senior
Peace of mind and good dental health

I am a pensioner and I thought that I'd have to spend more than 700 euros on my dental implant, which was causing me restless nights. Thanks to my dental insurance, I was able to save a lot of money and sleep peacefully.

Juan Antonio Laguna

Once your dental care has been covered

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