DKV Renta

DKV Renta allowance insurance

When on work leave, enjoy the support of your income insurance with a provision for illness and/or accident, as well as for childbirth.

  • Daily compensation for temporary disability.

  • Compensation in the event of hospitalisation, surgical procedure and childbirth.

  • Receive your money in the days following receipt of your medical discharge certificate

  • Medical guidance and additional health services.

  • From €3/month

Briefing note

Customers satisfied with the income insurance

Happy customers

If the leave granted is due to childbirth or adoption you will receive 20 times the contracted quantity of money.

Taking out the insurance

As a self-employed worker, the first €500 for the work leave insurance are exempt from Personal Income Tax.

Video consultation and chat with specialists

As a health insurer, we will provide you with 24h medical helplines and a second medical opinion.

Taking out insurance by phone

Take out your benefit insurance policy

Call us with no strings attached at 974 887 002 so an expert informs you and helps you during the process, or fill out the following form to receive all the information on work leave insurance and its price.

All the details about DKV Renta

Learn about the cover and services included in your work leave insurance

Cover and services

DKV Renta offers a daily compensation in the event of medical leave due to an illness and/or accident, incurred during work or leisure time.


Basic cover

  • Daily compensation for temporary disability and/or accident

    Being ill or suffering an accident will no longer involve losing money; you will be able to continue your lifestyle, as you will have the capacity to meet your business' expenses.

  • Benefit for childbirth

    If your medical leave is due to childbirth or you are in process of adoption, you will receive up to 20 times the compensation taken out in your income insurance.

  • Compensation for hospitalisation due to illness and/or accident

    For every day that you are hospitalised, you will receive a compensation as of the first 24 hours up to 365 days later.

  • Cover in the event of medical leave due to COVID-19

    If you have tested positive for COVID-19, you will be covered throughout the entire leave, according to the complication and required medical care.

Optional cover

  • Surgical procedure

    Receive a compensation based on the type of intervention.

  • Total permanent disability

    If an accident or illness covered by the policy leads to total permanent disability, we guarantee the payment of the contracted capital.

  • Medical assistance in the event of an accident

    You will be covered for all the medical expenses you may need due to an accident.

Additional services


  • Medical helpline

    A 24h medical helpline and a 24h paediatric helpline to take care of your children's health at any time. The widest range of specialist helplines on the market: medical helpline for pregnancy, nutrition and childhood obesity, among others.

  • Second medical opinion

    Have the peace of mind of receiving the best possible treatment with a second medical opinion in the event of a serious illness.

  • Added healthcare services

    Enjoy access to a catalogue of health and well-being services at the best price: hearing aids, surgery for short-sightedness and long-sightedness, plastic surgery, assisted reproduction, biomechanical gait analysis, opticians and chiropody, parapharmacy, etc.

Waiting periods

It is the period of time that has to elapse from the date the policy enters into force until the policy's guarantees become effective.
All provisions can be used from day one, except for:

  • Illness, hospitalisation and surgery: 2 months

  • Total permanent disability: 3 months

  • Pregnancy, abortion, childbirth and puerperium: 8 months

With the DKV Renta insurance, when the leave is due to an accident, no waiting period will apply.

Compensation modality

We adapt the insurance to you, so you can choose the daily amount you want to receive for the days you need to fully recover.  

In addition, you can choose what day you want to start receiving the money. How about from day one?

Information about the DKV Renta insurance

Download the documentation of the income insurance

Download the documentation

Know everything about your income insurance: cover, additional services, advantages and digital health.

Download the documentation

Nuestro compromiso, ofrecerte un seguro para toda tu vida laboral. Las condiciones generales te permitirán conocer con detalle el marco del contrato al aceptar este seguro. Throughout the document we explain most of the questions that can arise when using your income policy.


Download the documentation

Standard document with summarised information that will help you compare our income insurance with other companies.

Any insurance policy must start with a commitment

Terms and conditions of the contract

Age for taking out insurance
Contracting flexibility

This income insurance can be taken out by people between 16 and 64 years of age.

Download the documentation
Beside you beyond retirement

Except for the Total Permanent Disability guarantee, which ends when the insured person reaches 65 years of age, the income insurance ends at 70.

Conditions of use
We are transparent

The insurance contract is renewed automatically every year. We will inform you on your policy's new features with enough time before it expires, so you can make a decision.

Taking out the insurance
We think about your needs

Payment of the compensation corresponding to the contracted capital times the total number of days on work leave due to pathology established in the scale.

Our customers' opinion is very important to us

What do people think about the DKV Renta insurance?

Testimonials young woman
Finally, an insurance that pays me in the event of illness or accident

I had an accident that had me on leave for two weeks. Thanks to DKV Renta, I was able to recover with the peace of mind of receiving the provision in a few days.

Sofía Sanz
Testimonials DKV Mundicare pathology
Dinero a mi bolsillo por partida doble

In addition to receiving the money from the first day of leave, when I filed my taxes, I was able to deduct the first €500. The joy was double

Julián González
Testimonials self-employed worker work leave insurance

I was waiting for a medical test to be discharged and there was a long waiting list. Thanks to my insurance, I was able to take it at another centre at no additional cost.

Óscar Sánchez

Once you have covered your care in the event of work leave

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