DKV Top Health, reimbursement health insurance

A unique reimbursement health insurance policy, unlike any other on the market.

  • Access the DKV medical directory or choose the doctor you want.

  • Any medical centre in Spain and abroad.

  • We will reimburse 100% of the total expenses within 7 days.

Take it out now with a 30% discount.
Discounts for the next 6 years


Why choose DKV Top Health

All the advantages of your reimbursement medical insurance

Taking out the insurance
Reimbursement of expenses

Reimbursement of expenses within 7 days in a simple way through the app, with just a photo.

Without limits

100% reimbursement for medical expenses without limits, except for 80% in dentistry.

video conference
Video consultations with specialists

Unlimited virtual consultations with specialists by video call and chat.

health folder
Pharmacy expenses and vaccinations

We will reimburse 100% of the expenses for pharmacy expenses and vaccinations.

Taking out insurance by phone

Request information and take out reimbursement insurance now

Call us FREE OF CHARGE with no strings attached at 974 887 001 and have an expert inform and help you throughout the process.

All details on DKV Top Health

The best medical assistance worldwide without having to worry about medical bills

Cover and services

DKV Top Health®, a unique health insurance on the market that gives you access to the best private medicine worldwide, with everything you need to look after your health. 

You will be able to use the DKV medical directory with full cover, as well as freely choose the centre or doctor with 100% reimbursement in Spain and abroad. Your health insurance without borders.


Included cover

  • Primary care

    General practice, paediatrics, nursing services and 24-hour medical emergencies.

  • All the medical specialities

    Cardiology, dermatology, traumatology, gynaecology and oncology, as well as diagnostic tests: ultrasounds, magnetic resonances, CAT scans, radiotherapy, etc.

  • Reimbursement of 100% of the medical costs

    Unlimited expenses, except 80% for dentistry.

  • Hospitalisation and surgery

    Hospital admission and stay. In addition, you will have your own room with an extra bed for your companion.

  • Dental coverage

    More than 50 free services and the rest with large discounts.

  • Podiatry, physiotherapy and rehabilitation

    No limit on sessions!

  • Psychology

    Up to 30 sessions/year and without limits on psychotherapy sessions.

  • Accident cover

    You will receive medical assistance if you experience any kind of occupational or traffic accident.

  • Reimbursement of auxiliary means, pharmacy, optician expenses

    We will reimburse 100% of the cost of medicines prescribed by your doctor, as well as optician and orthopaedic expenses (wheelchairs, crutches, etc.)

  • Reimbursement for vaccinations

    We will reimburse 100% of the expenses for vaccinations.

  • Home services

    Home tests and physiotherapy, in level 3 dependency.

  • Second medical opinion

    For any serious illness, you can compare a diagnosis and obtain a second medical opinion.

Health services

  • Fast and agile reimbursement

    100% reimbursement of bills as soon as possible, within 7 days, and through the app with a photo of the bill.

  • Video consultation and chat with a doctor

    You will be able to contact a doctor via chat, call or video call, as well as chat with your health coach to improve your lifestyle and with a midwife if you are pregnant or just gave birth to a baby.

  • Telephone advice helplines

    If you are worried about a symptom, call us and an agent on one of our helplines will be happy to attend to you: 24-hour general medicine, pregnancy, women's' health, nutrition and psycho-emotional health.

  • Assisted reproduction services included

    Fulfil your dream of becoming a mother thanks to the latest technology in assisted reproduction.

  • Latest technology in medicine

    Access to the most advanced diagnostic techniques and procedures, such as the Da Vincci robotic surgery, 3D colonoscopy and 3D/4D ultrasound.

  • Spas

    You are covered for 20 days of spa and thermal bath treatment to aid in your recovery after hospitalisation.

  • Biomechanical gait analysis

    Biomechanical gait analysis every five years for adults and every two years for children under 15 years old at Podoactiva centres.

  • Nutritionist

    Nutritionist, 20 sessions per year, for the treatment and management of obesity.

  • Health services complementary to the insurance

    You will have access to a catalogue of health and well-being services at lower-than-market prices through DKV Club Salud y Bienestar.

Waiting periods

With the DKV Top Health insurance, you can use all the medical services and cover from day one, except:

  • Hospitalisation and surgical procedures (including prostheses): 6 months

  • Biomechanical gait analysis: 6 months

  • Childbirth (except for premature births): 8 months

  • Transplants: 12 months


The excess is the amount that the insured person assumes for healthcare cover. DKV will be responsible for the cost of medical assistance above that established amount.

There are three modalities in DKV Top Health:

  • Without excess

  • With a €600 excess

  • With a €1,200 excess

Any insurance policy must start with a commitment

Terms and conditions of the contract

Age for taking out insurance
Maximum age to take out the insurance

The highest in the market. Until the age of 75.

Conditions and commitment
Whole life insurance

We will not cancel the contract if you have been with us for three years, nor will we raise the price.

Taking out the insurance
Family savings

7% discount if you are 4 insured persons, or 12% if you are 5 or more.

Satisfied customers
We are transparent

We will inform you in advance on the renewal developments in your policy.

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Do you need help?

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Visit your nearest agent

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We’ll call you

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