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With DKV's medical directory insurance, you can choose from more than 51,000 specialists and 1,000 hospital centres. In addition, the medical directory includes 8 of the 10 best hospitals in the country, as well as 23 Espacios de Salud DKV in which to receive your treatment with state-of-the-art technology.

And, for small consultations, you can arrange a virtual consultation with specialists thanks to the Quiero cuidarme Más app.

If you are looking for health insurance, at DKV we offer a wide range of cover and services that you can use from day one, without long waiting lists and without having to go to the GP to visit a specialist. You will enjoy immediate access to primary care, emergencies, ambulance transfers, all medical specialities. As well as to diagnostic tests, surgery and hospitalisation, dental service, chiropody, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, biomechanical gait study, psychology and nutrition, accident cover, travel assistance abroad, and much more!

DKV Integral is the most comprehensive medical directory insurance, with three different modalities based on the copayment amount.

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