DKV Sport Runners, a health insurance to cover the needs of runners.

  • The most comprehensive sports cover

  • Enjoy customised medical cover for you

  • Enjoy access to health services at reduced prices: Biomechanical gait study, soles, sports medical check-up, osteopathy or sports nutrition.


Medical directory

Professionals and 1,000 healthcare centres.

Video consultation and chat with specialists
+ 315,000

Virtual medical consultations carried out via the app.

DKV Health coach

You will have a health coach that will guide you in your lifestyle.

Exclusive discounts

Health and wellness services at great discounts.

Taking out insurance by phone

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Call us FREE OF CHARGE at 876 14 70 77 and have an expert inform and help you throughout the process.

All the details about DKV Sport Runners

Enjoy our health insurance for runners now

Cover and services

DKV Sport Runners takes care of the health of runners so you just have to focus on reaching your goals and achieving whatever you are set out to do.

This health insurance is available to you if you live in Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Malaga, Valencia, Zaragoza, San Sebastian or Tarragona.

Avoid crowds by going to the specialist of your choice, by skipping waiting lists and long procedures. Make sure you have the most convenient, fast and effective healthcare based on your rhythm of life.


Cover included in the health insurance for athletes

  • Primary care

    General practice, emergencies, paediatrics, ambulances, analyses...

  • Direct access to all specialities

    You can go to all specialities without first having to see your GP: cardiology, digestive system, traumatology, gynaecology, ophthalmology, chiropody, dermatology, allergies...

  • Diagnostic imaging

    Diagnostic test to detect injuries and ailments.

  • Dental coverage

    Unlike other health insurance policies within the sector, yours will include dental cover.

  • Daily compensation for hospitalisation

    If you are admitted to hospital, from the third day onwards you will receive 80 euros per day, when none of the hospitalisation costs are charged to DKV.

  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

    No limit on sessions!

Health services


  • Video consultation and chat with a doctor

    You will be able to contact a doctor by phone, video call or chat. You can enjoy virtual consultations with medical specialists, as well as chat with your health coach to improve your lifestyle and with a midwife if you are pregnant or just gave birth to a baby. Getting a first medical opinion has never been so easy. In addition, you can store your health documents (reports or tests) and have all your electronic prescriptions handy with the app.

  • Medical phone lines

    A 24h medical helpline and a 24h paediatric helpline to take care of your children's health at any time. The widest range of specialist helplines on the market: medical line for pregnancy, nutrition and childhood obesity, among others.

  • Preventive care programmes

    Sign up to our free prevention programmes, and we'll help you improve your overall health. Such as the cervical cancer prevention programme for women between 25 and 65 years of age by means of smear test or High-risk Human Papilloma Virus (HVP) test or the Children's Health test.

  • DKV Club de Salud y Bienestar discounts

    You will have access to the entire catalogue of health and well-being services at lower-than-market prices.

Waiting periods

With the DKV Sport Runners insurance all provisions can be used from day one; only the following services are subject to a waiting period:

  • Hospitalisation and surgical procedures (including prostheses): 6 months

  • Childbirth (except for premature births): 8 months

  • Transplants: 12 months

Copayments and modalities

Choose the modality best suited to your needs, based on the copayment:

  • DKV Sport Runners Classic (with low copayment)

  • DKV Sport Runners Élite (without copayment)

Any insurance policy must start with a commitment

Terms and conditions of the contract

Age for taking out insurance
Contracting flexibility

You can take out the policy up to the age of 75

Taking out the insurance
Savings in your economy

Enjoy a 7.5% discount if you pay annually.There are also family discounts (7% if you are 4 insured persons and 12% if you are 5 or more).

Conditions and commitment
Always by your side

Commitment to not cancel the policy after the third year.

Information about the DKV Sport Runners insurance to view later

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Once your healthcare has been covered

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