Exclusive promotions for mutual society members and their family members

Complement your healthcare and protect the health of your family members

  • Wide range of insurance available: dental, reimbursement, work leave, home or death

  • Health insurance for your family at exclusive prices for being a DKV customer

  • Video consultation and chat with specialists

  • Emergency assistance abroad

  • FREE dental cover


All the benefits of taking out your insurance with DKV

Why choose us

Medical directory

Medical specialists available for you.

Satisfied customers
+ 90,000

 Mutual society members that trust in DKV


Own Espacios de Salud with long visiting hours for medical care

Video consultation and chat with specialists
+ 315,000

Health queries resolved via video consultations

 We also take care of your family's health

We offer you comprehensive health insurance at an exclusive price for being a mutual society member's relative

to your liking

Medical directory medical insurance

Special DKV Integral for family members

Our most comprehensive medical directory health insurance, with immediate access to more than 51,000 professionals, with the best centres and hospitals in the country and without waiting lists and long procedures. You will enjoy FREE dental cover, worldwide travel assistance and access to our "Quiero cuidarme Más" app for unlimited consultations by video call or chat with specialists.

From 42 euros/month

DKV Mundisalud

Reimbursement health insurance

Special DKV Mundisalud for family members

With our reimbursement insurance, you will be able to go to any centre, whether part of the DKV directory or not, and we will reimburse up to 90% of your total expenses. In addition, we will make an online reimbursement of expenses in less than 7 days. You will also be provided access to the "Quiero cuidarme Más" app, by means of which you can make unlimited consultations by video call or chat with specialists.

From 90 euros/month




For you and your family

Benefit from exclusive offers for relatives and complement your healthcare as a mutual society member with other insurance: dental, reimbursement, income, home and funeral insurance. 

DKV Mundisalud

Reimbursement health insurance

DKV Mundisalud complementary

Choose the doctor or hospital you want to go to, whether it is part of the affiliated network or not, and we will reimburse the expenses in less than 7 days.

From 62 euros/month


DKV Dentisalud Elite

Dental insurance

DKV Dentisalud Élite

The most comprehensive dental insurance, with more than 57 dental services included and others with a 40% discount. Children under 14 free.

For only 7 EUR/month


DKV Renta

Income and accident insurance

DKV Renta Hospitalización

You'll receive compensation for every day that you remain in hospital due to illness or accident.

For only 54 EUR/year
DKV EcoHogar

Home insurance

DKV EcoHogar

The most ecological home insurance policy on the market. Wide range of solutions and guarantees to protect your home and take care of your health and the environment.

15% discount
DKV Protección Familiar

Funeral insurance

DKV Protección familiar

The death insurance that supports your family in difficult times. Eco-funeral and erasure of digital identity service.

15% discount


ERGO Vida Prevision

Life insurance

DKV Vida Previsión

Life insurance with immediate compensation, psychological assistance, legal advice, online will and discounts on medical services.

15% discount


Quiero Cuidarme Más App

Find out all the additional services and benefits related to the provision of healthcare offered to DKV's MUFACE beneficiaries, in accordance with the criteria established to evaluate the management quality targets included in the current Agreement.


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What do the relatives of mutual society members think about DKV?

Dental insurance for my children and I

I wanted to complement my health cover with dental insurance for my children and I. For very little a month, I have access to many dental treatments, and my children, as they are little, do not have to pay.

Death insurance that takes care of everything

I was looking for death insurance after having to deal on my own with the entire process of a family member's death. Now, with DKV, I can make use of a comprehensive service: funeral, transfer, online will, advice and psychological assistance.

I have an insurance policy at a very competitive price

My husband is a mutual society member, and he was very happy with DKV's assistance. That made me consider taking out health insurance.

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