DKV Renta Baremado

DKV Renta Baremado

The benefit insurance conceived to protect the economy of self-employed workers with a compensation when initiating a work leave due to accident or illness.

  • No effect on your financial situation

  • You'll quickly receive compensation according to a scale.

  • Additional medical services.

Desde 5 €/mes

No exclusion for pre-existing conditions

We have the best scales on the market: 100 days in the event of a heart attack and between 10 and 40 days in an ankle sprain.

Taking out the insurance

We immediately pay you the compensation as per the scale when the work leave is granted.


As a self-employed worker, the first €500 for the work leave insurance are exempt from Personal Income Tax.

Happy customers

If the leave granted is due to childbirth or adoption, you will receive 20 times the quantity of money you have contracted.

Taking out insurance by phone

Take out your benefit insurance policy by phone

Call us with no strings attached at 974 887 002 so an expert informs you and helps you during the process, or fill out the following form to receive all the information on work leave insurance and its price.

All the details about the DKV Renta Baremado work leave insurance

We protect and take care of your health and economy, so you don't have to worry about your business if you cannot go to work

Cover and services

We offer the widest selection of management options: in the event of medical leave, we immediately pay you the compensation before the medical discharge, without following up on the illness and without considering the real recovery time.

An illness or accident can force you to take a work leave, which entails less income and more expenses. Thanks to this insurance, your economy will not be affected in the event of work leave, as each accident or pathology has assigned an amount (scale).


Basic cover

  • Daily compensation for temporary disability and/or accident

    Being ill or suffering an accident will no longer involve losing money, as you will be able to meet your business' expenses. You will receive a compensation in the event of a temporary disability.

  • Cover for common pathologies

    As opposed to other companies, we cover common pathologies in such important specialities as the digestive system, ophthalmology, musculoskeletal system, otorhinolaryngology, respiratory system, urology, sprains, dislocations, wounds and trauma.

  • Benefit for childbirth

    If your medical leave is due to childbirth or you are in process of adoption, you will receive up to 20 times the compensation taken out in your income insurance.

  • Cover in the event of medical leave due to COVID-19

    Enjoy cover in the event of work leave due to COVID-19, the same as in the bronchiolitis (7 days) or pneumonia (20 days) scales, based on the complication and the medical care needed.

Optional cover


  • Income with a 90-day excess period

    You can take out this cover to feel completely safe in cases of long temporary disability: if the leave is extended for a longer period than set in the scale, DKV will continue to pay you after the 90th day until you are discharged.

  • Compensation for hospitalisation due to illness and/or accident

    Receive a compensation for every day you are hospitalised.

  • Surgical procedure

    Capital insured in the event of surgical procedure.

Additional services


  • Medical phone lines

    A 24h medical helpline and a 24h paediatric helpline to take care of your children's health at any time. The widest range of specialist helplines on the market: medical helpline for pregnancy, nutrition and childhood obesity, among others.

  • Second medical opinion

    Have the peace of mind of receiving the best possible treatment with a second medical opinion in the event of a serious illness.

  • Added healthcare services

    Enjoy access to a catalogue of health and well-being services at the best price: hearing aids, surgery for short-sightedness and long-sightedness, plastic surgery, assisted reproduction, biomechanical gait analysis, opticians and chiropody, parapharmacy, etc.

A work leave insurance helps you maintain your income when due to illness or accident you can no longer work

Why take out a work leave insurance with DKV?

Transparency and clear language
Contracting flexibility

This scaled income insurance can be taken out by workers between 16 and 64 years of age.

Age for taking out insurance
Beside you beyond retirement

Except for the total permanent disability guarantee, which ends at 65 years of age, you can use your insurance up to your retirement or until you reach 70.

Taking out the insurance
We think about your needs

You can choose the capital insured to compensate a lack of income in the event of a temporary disability.

Briefing note
Streamlined paperwork

Given that the compensation is set to a scale, you will no longer have to wait for medical discharge to receive it.

Information about the DKV Renta Baremado insurance to view later

Download the documentation

Download the documentation

Know everything about your scaled income insurance: cover and additional services.

Download the documentation

Standard document with summarised information that will help you compare our work leave insurance with other companies.

Download the documentation

In this document we intend to give you clear and simple information about the cover, services, provisions, payment and conditions of the work leave insurance. You will even find a section with basic concepts, so you can understand the language of this type of insurance.

Download the documentation

Promotion applicable to new insured persons who take out policies until 15/11/2021. You will enjoy a discount in 2021, and further discounts in the coming years.

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Our customers opinion is important

What do the users of DKV Renta Baremado think?

Testimonial DKV Renta Baremado insurance
A supplement to the Social Security

For self-employed workers, it is important that we do not lose any money when we cannot open our business due to illness. DKV informed me about the amount I would receive from the Social Security when on work leave, and I was able to supplement it based on a scale by type of medical leave. Great advice!

Pablo Sanz-Irigoyen
Testimonial work leave insurance pregnant women
The provision is important if you're thinking about extending the family

In my case, I had been employed before being a mother, but when I opened by business and became pregnant, I had to hire a person during my medical leave and return to work early. Before thinking about having a second child, I didn't hesitate in taking out a work leave insurance that pays a compensation after childbirth, and it was an excellent idea.

Paula López
Testimonial work leave insurance self-employed workers
Great experience in insurance

I already had taken out a funeral insurance with DKV, and my husband and I decided to take out an income insurance to face expenses in the event of having to close shop for a few days due to falling ill. We are very happy, because we both live on the income from a same business.

Mari Carmen Cruz

Once you have covered your care in the event of work leave

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