DKV Renta Baremado

The benefit insurance conceived to protect the economy of self-employed workers with a compensation when initiating a work leave due to accident or illness.

  • No effect on your financial situation

  • You'll quickly receive compensation according to a scale.

  • Additional medical services.

  • From €5/month

No exclusion for pre-existing conditions

We have the best scales on the market: 100 days in the event of a heart attack and between 10 and 40 days in an ankle sprain.

Taking out the insurance

We immediately pay you the compensation as per the scale when the work leave is granted.

Video consultation and chat with specialists

You will be able to hold virtual medical consultations without having to go to a medical centre.

Satisfied customers

If the leave granted is due to childbirth or adoption, you will receive 20 times the quantity of money you have contracted.

Taking out insurance by phone

Request information and take out your benefit insurance now

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All the details about the DKV Renta Baremado work leave insurance

We protect and take care of your health and economy, so you don't have to worry about your business if you cannot go to work

Cover and services

We offer the widest selection of management options: in the event of medical leave, we immediately pay you the compensation before the medical discharge, without following up on the illness and without considering the real recovery time.

An illness or accident can force you to take a work leave, which entails less income and more expenses. Thanks to this insurance, your economy will not be affected in the event of work leave, as each accident or pathology has assigned an amount (scale).


Basic cover

  • Daily compensation for temporary disability and/or accident

    Being ill or suffering an accident will no longer involve losing money, as you will be able to meet your business' expenses. You will receive a compensation in the event of a temporary disability.

  • Cover for common pathologies

    As opposed to other companies, we cover common pathologies in such important specialities as the digestive system, ophthalmology, musculoskeletal system, otorhinolaryngology, respiratory system, urology, sprains, dislocations, wounds and trauma.

  • Benefit for childbirth

    If your medical leave is due to childbirth or you are in process of adoption, you will receive up to 20 times the compensation taken out in your income insurance.

  • Cover in the event of medical leave due to COVID-19

    Enjoy cover in the event of work leave due to COVID-19, the same as in the scales and based on the diagnosis.

Optional cover


  • Income with a 90-day excess period

    You can take out this cover to feel completely safe in cases of long temporary disability: if the leave is extended for a longer period than set in the scale, DKV will continue to pay you after the 90th day until you are discharged.

  • Compensation for hospitalisation due to illness and/or accident

    Receive a compensation for every day you are hospitalised.

  • Surgical procedure

    Capital insured in the event of surgical procedure.

Additional services


  • Medical phone lines

    A 24h medical helpline and a 24h paediatric helpline to take care of your children's health at any time. The widest range of specialist helplines on the market: medical line for pregnancy, nutrition and childhood obesity, among others.

  • Second medical opinion

    Have the peace of mind of receiving the best possible treatment with a second medical opinion in the event of a serious illness.

  • Added healthcare services

    Enjoy access to a catalogue of health and well-being services at the best price: hearing aids, surgery for short-sightedness and long-sightedness, plastic surgery, assisted reproduction, biomechanical gait analysis, opticians and chiropody, parapharmacy, etc.

A work leave insurance helps you maintain your income when due to illness or accident you can no longer work

Why take out a work leave insurance with DKV?

Transparency and clear language
Contracting flexibility

This scaled income insurance can be taken out by workers between 16 and 64 years of age.

Age for taking out insurance
Beside you beyond retirement

Except for the total permanent disability guarantee, which ends at 65 years of age, you can use your insurance up to your retirement or until you reach 70.

Taking out the insurance
We think about your needs

You can choose the capital insured to compensate a lack of income in the event of a temporary disability.

Briefing note
Streamlined paperwork

Given that the compensation is set to a scale, you will no longer have to wait for medical discharge to receive it.

Information about the DKV Renta Baremado insurance to view later

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We resolve your queries about our work leave insurance

What is work leave insurance?

It is an insurance that guarantees you a financial provision. It will be applied if you experience a temporary incapacity to work that prevents you from doing your usual job. This can be caused by an illness or an accident. The provision varies according to the insured capital.

What is insured under a work leave policy?

  • Income insurance guarantees temporary disability. Covering the worker's loss of income due to an illness or accident

  • Hospitalisation. For every day that you are hospitalised, you will receive a compensation as of the first 24 hours up to 365 days later

  • Legal intervention. DKV Seguros guarantees the insured person a single financial provision. The amount is calculated by applying the insured capital for the cover of surgical procedures reflected in the special terms and conditions

  • Total and permanent disability. Total and permanent disability is the irreversible physical situation caused by an illness or accident

  • Medical assistance in the event of an accident. Provided that they are derived from an accident covered by the policy.

What is the duration of the work leave insurance?

The duration of the contract stipulated in the policy is annual and can be extended, but the payments may be made monthly, quarterly or every six months.

What happens if your working situation or professional activity changes after taking it out?

You should notify us of the change in your situation as soon as possible to be able to recalculate the insurance premium according to the new activity, which may represent an increase or decrease in the price depending on the level of risk that this new activity represents. This way we will avoid any problems or confusion during the claims procedure.

When does the cover start and end?

  1. Once the contract has been signed and the first instalment has been paid, it will take effect and end on the dates established in the specific terms and conditions. It will be renewed each year unless one of the two parties (the contracting party or the company) states otherwise.

  2. In addition, the contract will terminate: · At the end of the year when the insured person reaches the age of 70.

  3. When the insured person becomes disabled or permanently unable to carry out his profession, or when he requests recognition of this state, or receives a pension, service provision or compensation for said cause.

  4. When the insured person is retired, unemployed or in a similar situation, or ceases all their professional or labour activities.

Is there an upper age limit for the insurance cover?

The upper age limit is 70, except for cover for permanent and total disability, which is 65 years of age

What are the excluded risks?

They are the illnesses, accidents, circumstances, alterations, activities, etc. that are not covered in the policy and that, therefore, do not grant the right to a provision. The excluded risks are agreed with you when signing the policy, and they are highlighted in bold type.


  • Any type of illness that already existed when the insurance plan was taken out.

  • "Additional cover"

  • Pregnancy, abortion and puerperium.

  • Illnesses or injuries caused in a state of inebriation or due to alcoholism, drug addiction or taking drugs or medicines without prescription.

Which is the maximum guaranteed period for medical leave?

You can choose from different options. The particular conditions specify the coverage contracted and the maximum guaranteed period.

Does it cover work leave in the event of pregnancy and/or childbirth?

Although childbirth is not considered an illness, mothers that are insured for over eight months will receive a provision on this account. It will be required having contracted one of the following guarantees: daily temporary disability, scaled temporary disability, hospitalisation or surgical procedure, with the scope and conditions established in each guarantee.

How long does it take between communicating my leave and starting to receive the compensation?

After presenting the claim form, the medical leave report and the rest of the requested documentation, and when DKV Seguros recognises the right to the provision and checks its final scope, it will start to process it within two weeks. In the event of extended temporary disability (over forty days), you may request an advance of the provision for daily temporary disability corresponding to the period of medical leave that has been sufficiently proven.

Once you have covered your care in the event of work leave

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