Regulatory compliance

At DKV, we guarantee the compliance of our Code of conduct and communication channels with current regulations

Code of conduct 

The purpose of this code is to provide all of our employees with guidelines for suitable conduct in their dealings with colleagues, superiors, members of the Board of Directors, customers and the general public. The objective is to promote the employees' integrity and, as a result, the company's integrity.

See Code of Conduct

Communication channels

We have made various communication channels available to management staff, employees and other stakeholders linked to the company, through which they can raise concerns confidentially regarding the interpretation and application of the Code of Conduct or any infringements thereto.

1- Personnel Manager

It is the job of the Personnel Manager to ensure that their team is familiar with the Code of Conduct and that the rules and principles are complied with. Employees must inform their superiors of any irregularities that may arise.

2- Ethical consultant

This person handles all queries and incidents occurring during the company's daily operations. These must be resolved quickly, confidentially and transparently by an expert who has sufficient authority and independence to do so.

Their functions are:

· The Personnel Manager will handle all queries about the application of the Code of Conduct and the rules of "Ethical management and relationship with stakeholders" in general.

· They will identify problem areas and make recommendations for changes in policies or procedures.

You can contact the Manager by email on:

With acknowledgement of receipt within 24 hours, they will answer and resolve any questions within 10 business days, unless a longer period is required due to the complexity of the situation, which will be communicated to the interested parties.

3- External communication channel

With the aim of building trust, preserving the confidentiality of the sources of information and ensuring an unbiased processing of incidents relating to the Company's ethical behaviour and its collaborators, at DKV we have decided to establish an independent external communication channel for claims, complaints and incidents related to the compliance with the Code of conduct and the rules of the "Ethical management and relationship with stakeholders" in general.

The query can be sent to the email or communicated over the telephone on +34 620 223 505 (+34 659 423 783 if not available). Any information arriving through this channel will be handled by Vanessa Fernández Lledó, who is an external lawyer with extensive experience working with the firm Gómez-Acebo & Pombo. She will manage the situation with absolute discretion and always maintain the anonymity of the interested parties.

4- ERGO complaints website

The Company provides its employees and stakeholders with the possibility of anonymously reporting any irregularities. These complaints must relate to serious breaches of the law or the Company's Code of conduct or internal regulations, and they must be submitted in good faith. The Company guarantees the anonymity and confidentiality of the complainant.  Go to the ERGO complaints website.