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What is the minimum period of residence in Spain?

To be able to benefit from the guaranteed services, the insured person must be a resident in Spain and have their habitual residence there. Travel or a stay away from the habitual residence may not exceed 180 consecutive days.

What are the limits in reimbursement insurance?

Depending on the modality taken out, the reimbursement limit may vary.

What modalities of mixed reimbursement insurance are there?

DKV offers 3 mixed reimbursement insurance policies:

• DKV Mundisalud

• DKV Residentes

• DKV Top Health

Each of them have several modalities, with their own and different reimbursement limits. This way, the insurance policy is better suited to the needs of each customer.

What is a mixed reimbursement medical insurance?

DKV's mixed reimbursement insurance provides insured persons a free choice of doctors or centres, even if they are not included in the arranged ‘DKV Network of Healthcare Services’. In this case DKV will reimburse the invoices paid according to the percentages and limits specified in the table of coverage and limits attached to the specific terms and conditions of the policy (external services care modality).

How do I take out reimbursement insurance?

On our website, at our offices/branches, by calling and speaking to an expert sales agent or by leaving your details so that we can contact you.

What medical expenses are covered by the mixed reimbursement insurance?

The cover depends on the insurance policy taken out.

How do I apply for reimbursement in your insurance?

You can request the reimbursement of medical expenses by means of any of these four options:

• Through the customer area, by sending us the bill and filling out a form.

• Via the DKV Reembolso app.

• At your nearest branch.

• By post: DKV Seguros, Unidad de Reembolso Nacional. Apartado 20 08960, Sant Just Desvern (Barcelona).

Where can I check the status of the reimbursement of expenses?

• If you have requested a reimbursement through the customer area, you can check on it at the same place.

• If the request has been made by mail or at a branch, you can call 976 814 983 - 900 814 390 or go to your nearest branch.

• If you have requested it through the DKV Reembolso app, you can do so via the app itself.

How long will my reimbursement take?

At DKV, we commit to reimbursing the amount in less than 7 days. It is one of the most competitive limits on the market.

Resolve your queries about reimbursement insurance

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Am I covered outside Spain by my mixed reimbursement medical insurance?

At DKV, we offer several types of reimbursement insurance, which, among other things, are different in terms of their reimbursement cover, so you can choose the one that best suits you.

FAQs - cover

Duration and renewal of the reimbursement insurance

The duration of the contract stipulated in the policy is annual and can be renewed by calendar years. The contract is renewed automatically every year. You do not need to confirm the renewal.

FAQs - who

What is the mixed reimbursement insurance with excess?

Reimbursement insurance allows you to access the company's entire medical directory, without copayment, or to choose any doctor, specialist or centre you wish in the country or abroad, when they are not included in the medical directory.

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