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What is the duration of an accident insurance policy?

The duration agreed and included in the contract. It is usually taken out on a yearly basis, whether a calendar year or not. However, its initial duration may be less than a year, and it can be taken out for several years.

The contract provides for renewals, usually on a yearly basis and made automatically, at the initial period's expiry date, except in cases where otherwise is notified by any of the parties.

Can I receive the accident insurance's compensation in the form of an allowance?

Only the guarantees for temporary disability or hospitalisation due to an accident give rise to a daily compensation, although it is usually settled in a single payment or in monthly payments.

How do accident insurance premiums evolve?

When taking out the policy, you can agree to update the capital and premiums by linking their revaluation to the CPI or a fixed percentage or agree that they remain unchanged.

What does accident insurance cover?

Accident insurance can include the following cover:

  1. 24 hours

  2. Professional

  3. Extra-professional

  4. Driving

Will I still be insured in an accident insurance policy after I receive the permanent disability benefit?

Depending on the degree of disability; therefore, you would need to undergo a new medical assessment of the risk.

How is accident insurance calculated?

It is calculated on the basis of the applied rate corresponding to the insured person's profession, the capitals established for each guarantee, the cover taken out and any possible premium surcharges.

What information do I have to send in the event of an accident?

The documentation will vary according to the affected guarantee.

For example, the following are common documents, among others:

  • Accident report

  • Original doctors’ invoices, certificates, medical leave reports, discharge reports, hospital admission forms, etc.

  • Death certificate Medical reports on care, treatment and condition

  • Medical certificate of permanent disability

  • Certification of the condition of beneficiary of the insurance

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FAQs - cover

What does accident insurance cover?

The basic guarantees are death or permanent disability, both caused by an accident.

FAQs - why

Why take out accident insurance?

To enjoy peace of mind and be able to cope with the consequences of accidents.

FAQs - who

Does it include cover abroad?

It will if provided for in the policy's Specific Terms and Conditions.


Is practising sports covered?

Like in any type of insurance, there are always exclusions, such as risk sports.

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