Frequently asked questions about life insurance

We resolve your most frequent queries about life insurance

Does life insurance include healthcare services?

Yes, our policies include access to DKV Club de Salud y Bienestar, with medical and wellness services at special prices, and to the Quiero cuidarme Más app, a digital health platform that allows you to manage your health.

What healthcare services are included in my life insurance policy?

In addition to those related to your health, you will enjoy the following:

• Psychological assistance due to death, disability or severe illness
• Family assistance: advice from a personal adviser, legal advice and psychological assistance
• Free legal advice helpline
• Management service in the event of death
• Free online will

What is understood by total disability and permanent disability?

It is the disability that completely incapacitates the insured person from performing any profession. 

Can I take out life insurance if I have an illness?

You will have to provide us with information about your illness so we can tell you if you can take out the insurance policy under normal conditions, if you have to pay a higher premium than normal, or if it is a risk that we cannot cover. Please, contact us.

If I contract an illness, can the insurer cancel my life insurance?

No, your contract will remain in force and will continue to be renewed automatically until the maximum age of cover (70 for death or 65 for disability or other complementary insurance).

Can I increase the insured capital in life insurance?

Yes, life insurance can be suited to the needs of the insured person, by increasing (or reducing) the insured capital and by including (or excluding) additional cover. We can also change the payment method or the appointed beneficiaries in the event of death.

Can I take out more than one policy?

Yes, you can take out more than one life insurance policy.

Will I still be insured in the policy if I receive the disability benefit?

No. The policy will be cancelled after paying out the compensation.

Resolve your queries about life insurance

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FAQs - why

Why take out life risk insurance?

Life insurance gives us the peace of mind of money not being an issue if something happens.

FAQs - cover

Who should take out life risk insurance?

When taking out life insurance, it is important to think about who depends or may depend financially on us.

FAQs - cover

What does life risk insurance cover?

Life insurance always covers the risk of the policyholder passing away. It is the main cover, but other additional cover can be taken out: compensation for disability, severe illness or accident.

FAQs - money

What capital is suitable for life insurance?

That which covers the family's expenses for a sufficient period of time; that which covers the difference between the income and the retirement pension.

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