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We resolve your most frequent queries about funeral insurance

What is funeral insurance?

Death insurance guarantees a funeral service on the decease of an insured person, as well as the management of all necessary procedures in the event of death: administrative and legal procedures, transfers to any place in Spain and international repatriations.

In addition, funeral insurance includes a wide range of assistance guarantees and complementary cover that complete its assistance and family nature.

If I die while I am abroad, will the funeral insurance cover my transfer? Repatriation of foreign residents.

If you are a foreigner and reside in Spain, DKV Protección Familiar includes the repatriation service to your home country, a round trip for a companion and other important advantages. We are the only ones to guarantee it without an extra cost in your funeral policy!

Do I have medical assistance abroad?

Did you know that with your DKV death insurance policy, you are also covered when you travel abroad, with up to 18,000 euros for medical expenses in the event of an emergency? We make the difference with the limit.

What does hospitalisation cover in a funeral insurance policy?

It is a daily allowance or benefit for each day that the insured person is admitted to hospital. At DKV, the cover is extended to a limit of 365 days of hospitalisation.

In addition, this guarantee includes a childbirth benefit and an additional benefit for including the newborn in the family insurance policy.

Are there any waiting periods?

Some companies apply waiting periods ranging between 20 and 90 days from the date of taking out the insurance for funeral cover.

At DKV, there are no waiting periods. The rights are immediate, but before taking out the insurance, all insured persons must answer a short health questionnaire, which is common practice and which will allow us to discard covering any non-insurable risks (e.g. cancer patients or patients with other severe illnesses).

Hospitalisation cover has a waiting period of 3 months (except due to accident) and childbirth cover has an 8-month waiting period.

In the rest of guarantees, the rights of use are immediate.

Am I insured for life with a death insurance?

All of our death insurance policies are life-long. This means that once a death insurance policy is taken out, it is valid for the insured person's whole life unless the policyholder cancels the insurance or stops paying the premium.

How do I cancel a funeral insurance policy?

Like any other insurance, by requesting the company to cancel the policy, in a reliable manner, one month before the year's expiry date. 

Which funeral home will provide the contracted service?

We have a wide national network of authorised funeral service providers, so you won't have to worry about the management and provision of the service. See here

What happens if, after a death, the family does not wish to use DKV's services?

Although the purpose of the policy is to provide the service, if the family chooses to carry out the service somewhere else, the company will have to pay the insured capital to the legal heirs.

Up to which age can I take out the funeral insurance? 

At DKV, in periodically-paid premium policies, you can take out funeral insurance up to 70 years of age, or up to 75 if you are a DKV customer in other sectors or it is a family policy with insured persons under 70.

In single premium policies there is no age limit, but it can only be taken out from the age of 70. 

Can I take out the insurance policy online?

Fast and simple! Take it out DKV death insurance 100% online through our website in just 5 minutes:

1.    Calculate your price with no strings attached.
2. Fill in your personal details and those of who you want to insure.
3. Confirm your details: check that they are all correct.
4. Make the payment.
5. We will give you your insurance number and send you a confirmation email so that you can enjoy all the advantages offered by the funeral insurance DKV Protección Familiar from day one.
6. We also offer you a service to help you take out the insurance online. Call the free phone number 876 140 054, and we will answer any query.

Resolve your queries about funeral insurance  

We provide you with any information you need to take out your funeral insurance with a clear and transparent language.

FAQs - cover

Funeral insurance

The funeral insurance is an insurance for the provision of services, that is, it mainly covers organising, managing and executing the funeral service on the decease of an insured person, as well as covers the cost of this service.  

FAQs - why

Why take out a funeral insurance?

For many reasons, such as due to the cost of a service, which is always higher if privately contracted, or for the peace of mind of your family, thus avoiding them having to bear the responsibility of contracting a funeral service when you pass away at such an emotionally complicated time.

FAQs - money

How much is funeral insurance?

When calculating the cost of your funeral insurance, there are basically two risk factors that determine the insurance premium: the insured capital and the insured person's age.

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