How much is funeral insurance?

When calculating the cost of your funeral insurance, there are basically two risk factors that determine the insurance premium: the insured capital and the insured person's age. The current mortality tables determine the extent to which the risk is greatest as age increases.

To the premium calculated according to the insured person's age and insured capital, we have to add the premium for the assistance and complementary guarantees included in the insurance, as well as the corresponding fees and taxes (currently 8.15% of the net premium).

What's more, the chosen insurance modality will also affect the price:


In a natural or renewable annual premium, it will vary every year according to age


In a level premium modality, the price will be more stable, but also higher, as part of it will be allocated to covering the highest future risk (mathematical provision).

The semi-natural premium modality combines part of both models, as do mixed rates.


Lastly, a single premium concentrates the price of the insurance made in a single payment. 

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