Why take out a funeral insurance?

For many reasons:

  • Due to the cost of a service, which is always higher if privately contracted and can easily exceed 5,000 euros.

  • Due to the uncertain cost of passing during a trip or away from the place of residence and having to face all the paperwork involved.

  • With the aim of avoiding your family from having to bear the burden and responsibility of contracting a funeral service when you pass away at such an emotionally complicated time.

  • To ensure that your family members have all the necessary support, bereavement and advice services available for use during and after during this process.

  • To feel confident and enjoy the peace of mind of placing the trust of this assistance in expert professionals, such as those provided by DKV in each service.

  • Because 60% of deaths in Spain are managed by an insurer. This reflects the trust vested in the sector when it comes to this process, and DKV can confirm it, as our insured persons' satisfaction and recommendation ratios are higher than in any other sector.

  • For more information, please see our death insurance.

DKV death insurance

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