Funeral insurance

The funeral insurance is an insurance for the provision of services. That is, it mainly covers organising, managing and executing the funeral service on the decease of an insured person, as well as covers the cost of this service.  

This cost is limited by an insured capital that is equivalent to the cost foreseen to provide the contracted service, which is based on the estimates accepted by the company and received from the affiliated funeral establishments.

These costs vary over time, which is why every year we have to review and update the policy's insured capitals if necessary. The automatic yearly revaluation of insured capitals helps to keep the policies up to date.

In addition, funeral insurance covers the transfer or repatriation expenses, whether due to the insured person passing away somewhere other than their place of residence or the family wishing to transfer the remains to another location in Spain (and in our case also to any other location in the world when they are foreign residents).

Funeral insurance also offers various types of assistance to insured persons or beneficiaries (psychological assistance for dealing with bereavement, legal advice, management services, executing the will, digital deletion, travel assistance, etc.) and other optional guarantees to take out, such as accident insurance, hospitalisation, dental cover, medical services with deductibles, etc.

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