Culpa fuera!

We no longer want to be mothers, but MalasMadres. We want to take care of ourselves and improve our healthy lifestyle




Did you know that 95% of women say that they spend less time taking care of themselves since they are mothers?
Three out of four women feel stressed frequently: 52% say that quite a few times and 24% always.



The #TimeToTakeCareOfYourself has arrived

If we are able to make time for ourselves, we will surely improve the benefits of our healthy habits.

If we don't fight, who will? Let's do it!

Want to know how much women look after themselves?
Instituto vida saludable

Want to know how much women look after themselves?

See the latest study by Instituto de la Vida Saludable DKV, which analyses the reality of how they look after their health.

Una investigación basada en un cuestionario online sobre una muestra de 3,000 mujeres, con y sin hijos, españolas, entre 18 y 65 años, de todas las comunidades autónomas.

Less giving up, more music

La mayoría de las mujeres se olviden de ellas mismas y dejen de cuidarse cuando tienen personas a su cargo, especialmente cuando son madres. And Rozalén, DKV and the Malasmadres Club have created this song to fight against this issue.

Rozalén forma parte de la iniciativa de DKV “Canciones para los que no quieren escuchar”.

Activist voices

The podcast by DKV to inspire, excite and raise awareness.

Conversations, stories and experiences to change our health, our lifestyle and our planet. Because we can achieve a healthier and more sustainable world!

Podcast sobre Salud de la Mujer