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How can I change to DKV from another insurance company?

If you have health insurance with another company and you want to come to DKV, know that any waiting periods shall not be considered, provided that your current health policy has the same (or higher) cover than the one you are going to take out with us. If it has less cover, we shall eliminate the waiting periods in any similar cover, but we shall maintain them in the new cover of the insurance policy taken out.

With regard to waiting periods for pregnancy, they shall not be eliminated.

There must also be continuity between your current insurance policy and the new policy. That is, no more than 60 days can elapse from the date you leave the former company.

Can I pay my insurance in instalments?

The insurance can be paid monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually. You will also benefit from discounts for paying in instalments. The discounts in the individual modality are as follows:

  • 2.8% Quarterly

  • 4.6% Half-yearly

  • 7% Annually

These discounts are for the individual modality.

Does my health insurance cover me outside Spain?

The healthcare insurance policies DKV Integral, DKV Profesional and DKV Modular, as well as the mixed reimbursement insurance policy DKV Residentes, include worldwide travel assistance, which guarantees medical assistance abroad in the event of an emergency. Further information

What does travel assistance include?

With your DKV medical directory insurance, you will enjoy worldwide travel assistance cover, which in the event of an emergency guarantees the provision of medical assistance abroad. Further information

When I give birth, will my child be covered?

Yes, we cover the cot and/or incubator for the newborn during hospital admission up to a maximum of 28 days.

Are childhood vaccines included?

Your comprehensive health insurance includes the administration of vaccinations included in the compulsory child vaccination programme in Spain, at certified associated vaccination centres, where the medication will be borne by the insured person, except when provided for free by the provincial Public Health authorities or similar body in the autonomous community.

How do I request a medical authorisation?

Authorisations for diagnostic tests. You can request them through the following channels:

  1. E-mail at

  2. WhatsApp

  3. Customer area

  4. Telephone Number 976 506 000

  5. At our branches (not sure if we want to include this channel)

Authorisations for hospital admissions. You can only request them through the following channels:

  1. E-mail at

  2. WhatsApp


In addition, you must send the following documentation in order to request an authorisation for hospital admission:

  1. Prescription by a physician included in the DKV medical directory

  2. Report signed by the physician responsible, detailing the clinic, date and cause for the admission or surgical procedure.

Where can I see the affiliated clinics?

When you take out health insurance, the medical directory is the most valuable benefit: having close the centres you need to visit and being able to go to a medical specialist whenever you need it.

At DKV, we have more than 51,000 affiliated professionals and 1,000 affiliated medical centres available throughout Spain. Avoid waiting lists and lengthy paperwork. We offer the professionalism of the most convenient and fastest healthcare, while you choose whatever you need at any time.

You can see all the doctors and centres included at

When you become insured, you will also be able to do so from the Quiero cuidarme Más app, which in addition to providing you with solutions to take care of your health wherever you are, you will be able to easily access the medical directory.

Can I go to a doctor that is not included in the DKV medical directory?

If you have taken out a medical directory insurance policy, you may only use the extensive DKV medical directory, which includes more than 51,000 health professionals and 1,000 centres.

But if you take out DKV Integral, in the individual modality, you will also enjoy access to reimbursement cover that may be of your interest:

  • Reimbursement of the medical expenses incurred abroad for serious illnesses.

  • Optional module for gynaecology, obstetrics and paediatrics. It allows the insured person to consult a gynaecologist, obstetrician and/or paediatrician anywhere in Spain and the world, provided that they are not included in the DKV Network of Healthcare Services, and reimburses a percentage of the health care costs generated, taking into account the waiting period and the maximum reimbursement partial limits (for therapeutic acts, care for the newborn) and total limits (per insured person and calendar year, or a proportional part) set out in the table of coverage and limits attached to the specific terms and conditions.

What does hospitalisation or hospital medical assistance mean?

Hospital medical assistance or hospitalisation is the care given in a hospital centre with admission during at least 24 hours for the insured person’s medical or surgical treatment.

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