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Health insurance coverage abroad

One of the most widespread fears among people when they're planning a trip is taking out an insurance that offers assistance abroad.

To give yourself peace of mind regarding medical concerns and even more so if your destination is outside the European Union, it is advisable to take out medical insurance with assistance abroad or, if you already have one, find out how much you are covered for when travelling abroad.

At DKV, customers with a health policy have travel assistance abroad when staying for less than 180 days. If you need medical assistance abroad, you must call + 34 91 379 04 34 (24 hours), which appears on the back of your DKV health card, so that they can tell you which centres or hospitals to go according to where you are.


Our medical insurance policies include:

  • Transfer and repatriation of injured and sick parties

  • Round-trip ticket for a relative and hotel expenses

    if the hospitalisation lasts longer than 5 days (up to 30 euros/day, up to a maximum of 300 euros).

  • Early return

    Early return of the insured person due to death of a family member or fire or accident at home.

  • Medical expenses

    Medical, surgical, pharmacy, hospitalisation and ambulance costs abroad (20,000 euros limit).

  • Dental costs

    Emergency dental expenses (up to 150 euros).

  • Expenses for a prolonged hotel stay

    up to 30 euros/day with a maximum limit of 300 euros.

And also...

  • Shipment of medications

  • Medical helpline

  • Repatriation of the deceased and of accompanying insured persons

  • Help for locating and shipping luggage

  • Sending documentation

  • Legal defence abroad

    up to 1,500 euros per claim.

  • Advance of bail bond

    up to 6,000 euros per claim.

Our customers' opinions

The experience of having travel assistance abroad

Silvia Pagès

Fortunately, I have not needed medical care abroad for anything serious, but I had to contact DKV on my trip to Costa Rica due to a severe gastric problem, and I was sent to the nearest health centre so that they could prescribe a stomach protector. The treatment was superb.

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