DKV life insurance

The life insurance that provides me the peace of mind and financial security I want for my family

  • Compensation from death due to any cause.

  • Capital advance in the event of a serious illness.

  • Bereavement assistance service to help deal with the loss of a loved one.

  • Family assistance in the event of death, online will and legal advice.

  • From €15/month

Taking out the insurance

You choose the insured capital for the life guarantee

Satisfied customers

Bereavement assistance service with psychological help for the family

Conditions and commitment

Legal advice and assistance over the telephone

Video consultation and chat with specialists

24-hour medical helpline and 8 specific helplines

Taking out insurance by phone

Calculate and take out your life insurance

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All the details about DKV Vida

Learn about the cover and services included in your life insurance

Cover and services

A life insurance that guarantees financial stability and protection for the people you love, with a personalised and smooth service, ensuring there's enough money to protect your family if you aren't there.

The most flexible format that adapts to the needs of insured persons in terms of capital, optional cover, payment methods or payment instalments.


Basic life insurance cover

  • Death due to any cause

    The beneficiary will receive the established amount of capital.

  • Advance capital payment due to terminal illness

    In addition, if the insured person contracts a terminal illness, 50% of the insured capital can be given in advance.

  • Bereavement assistance

    With specialist psychologists who will provide professional support to face the loss of a loved one in any of the different stages of the bereavement process.

  • Family assistance

    In the event of death: a manager will provide your family with personal and immediate support after the death.

  • Psychological assistance

    Due to death, disability or serious illness.

Optional cover for your life insurance

  • Total permanent disability

    We help you to deal with a loss of income and costs associated with a disability. This cover provides you the option of receiving the capital if you suffer a permanent disability.

  • Death due to an accident (double capital)

    Peace of mind and financial security for your loved ones. In the event of death due to an accident, the beneficiaries will receive twice the capital of the death cover.

  • Death due to a traffic accident (triple capital)

    Your family covered against unforeseen events. In the event of death due to a traffic accident, the beneficiaries will receive triple the capital of the death cover.

  • Death or permanent disability due to accident (double capital)

    If you suffer an accident and, as a result, it causes your death or permanent disability, the beneficiaries will receive twice the capital of the death cover.

  • Death or permanent disability due to a traffic accident (triple capital)

    If you suffer a traffic accident and, as a result, it causes your death or permanent disability, the beneficiaries will receive triple the capital of the death cover.

  • Severe illness (100% or 50% of the capital)

    In the event of a serious illness, you will have the option of obtaining 50% or 100% of the capital in advance so you can cover the expenses you may need and only focus on what matters most: your recovery.

Additional services

  • Telephone medical advice

    A 24h medical helpline and a 24h paediatric helpline to take care of your children's health at any time. The widest range of specialist helplines on the market: medical helpline for pregnancy, nutrition and childhood obesity, among others.

  • Second medical opinion for serious illnesses

    Have the peace of mind of receiving the best possible treatment with a second medical opinion in the event of a serious illness.

  • DKV Club Salud y Bienestar

    Enjoy access to a catalogue of health and well-being services at the best price: Refractive surgery for myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism, cosmetic medicine, biomechanical gait analysis, fertility treatments, pelvic floor rehabilitation, optics and orthopaedics, giving up smoking plans, nutritionist and sports services, etc.

  • Legal advice and assistance over the telephone

    Access to a helpline manned by lawyers that will provide advice on any legal queries, giving you guidance on any unforeseen event.

  • Free online will

    With DKV, you can write your will at any time and from place using the online Will tool.

What are the premiums and contracting terms and conditions of DKV Vida?

Duration, premium, payment method of life insurance

In life insurance, the contract has an annual duration and is renewed year after year until you reach 70 years of age, provided that you do not decide to cancel it beforehand. 

You can set the capital you want, and decide if it remains fixed or is revalued annually

The premium varies every year according to the insured capital and the insured person's age. 

The premium can be paid in a yearly, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly payment.

Any insurance policy must start with a commitment

Terms and conditions of the contract

Satisfied customers
Age for taking out insurance

The life insurance you can take out up to the age of 65.

Taking out the insurance
Your decision

The customer decides the insured capital for the Life guarantee.

Medical directory
We are at your side

Receive an advance on capital for serious illnesses, such as cancer, heart attack, kidney failure, etc.

Conditions and commitment
Payment flexibility

The premium varies according to the capital and age. We adapt to the payment method or payment instalments.

Information about the DKV Vida insurance to view before taking it out

Download the documentation

Download the documentation

Standard document with summarised information that will help you compare with other companies' life insurance policies.

Download the documentation

The aim of this document is to give a clear and simple response to the cover, services, provisions, payment and terms and conditions of the life insurance. You will even find a section with basic concepts, so you can understand the language of this type of insurance.

Download the documentation

ERGO Seguros Solvency and Financial Condition Report.

Our customers' opinion is very important

What do they value most about DKV life insurance?

It is almost a must

After years of paying life insurance to cover mortgage expenses, when we finished paying the loan, we wanted to continue having a life insurance that would financially protect our daughters if something happened to us.

Elena and Pablo
Having an advance is a relief

Unfortunately, we have suffered a loss of a close relative after a long and serious illness. Having received the capital in advance was a relief for our finances.

Sergio Sanz
In these times, it is best to be prudent

Health has gained a lot of importance in the last year. I already had taken out a health insurance with DKV, but I was looking for a life insurance that would cover death due to coronavirus. With the figures we hear every day, this cover gives me peace of mind.

Sofia Canales

Once your family's safety and peace of mind have been covered

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