Life insurance certificate

The death of a loved one is a sad moment that we must all face at some point in our lives

In the light of this event, it is essential to know the administrative procedures that we must carry out after saying goodbye to our loved one. 

One of these procedures is knowing whether the deceased had insurance or not life insurance as if this were the case, the insurance company must pay the indemnity established in the policy to the beneficiary. 

To verify whether the deceased person has any kind of insurance, a life insurance certificate is required. To get this, we need to request the information from the Register of Death Insurance Contracts, under the Ministerio de Justicia. 

How to get the life certificate 

This document can be acquired in different ways. 

  • A telematic enquiry: by accessing the digital portal of the Ministerio de Justicia, in the procedures section, we can request the life insurance certificate, the only requirement for which is having a digital certificate. The time frame for receiving the certificate is 7 days from the time the application is received. 

  • Face-to-face consultation: get Form 790 from the website of the Ministerio de Justicia, or by going to a local office of the aforementioned public body, filling it in and paying the corresponding fee. Once the corresponding fee has been paid, we need to appear before the general registry of last wills and testaments, or in one of the aforementioned territorial offices of the Ministry of Justice, showing the official death certificate of the person whose certificate we wish to obtain. 

Within a period of approximately 7 days, the registry will issue a certificate informing us of the contracts in force. These certificates will be collected in the same way that they were requested, in person or by email.

The last step is to go to the insurance company where the deceased person had a contracted policy and inquire about the beneficiary for the subsequent compensation

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